American Idol fans horrified as Luke Bryan shares video of fish hook piercing through his HAND in gruesome accident

AMERICAN Idol judge Luke Bryan revealed he had a gruesome fish hook accident while out fishing on Tuesday and shared a video of the grisly injury.

Fans were horrified after seeing Luke’s hand pierced all the way through in two spots by the sharp metal.

On Tuesday, Luke posted a video that was marked as “sensitive content” because it contained a graphic visual of the wound.

The short clip, captioned with simply “Dammit,” immediately began with a close-up of his thumb, which had blood dripping down it. 

Viewers could see part of a fish hook going deep into the skin on the thumb, and when he turned his hand a bit, he showed that a second part of the hook was also piercing through him.

Luke, 44, said in the video: “Well, this is gonna leave a mark. Pretty sure that it’s in my bone.”

Fans of the American Idol star soon took to the comments section to let out their horror over what they just watched.

One shocked follower wrote: “I’m gonna vommit. Holy ouch… just please don’t post a video of taking it out.”

Another said: “That hurt my hand just seeing this! Ouch!!!”

A third wrote: “Worse pain ever!!! Being hooked.”

Meanwhile, some of Luke’s friends and family cracked some jokes over the incident.

His wife Caroline Bryan wrote to him: “I leave your a** for 2 hours and this happens….damn baby.

Fellow country artist Jake Owen commented using one of Luke’s songs, writing: “Huntin, Fishin, lovin every day.”

In his Instagram Stories, the American Idol judge updated fans on the situation, showing himself riding in a car, alongside a friend, to go get medical help for his hand.

He explained in the clip: “Welp, Russ, my guitar tech. I invited Russ on a fishing trip, and leave it to me, I ruined the fishing trip. But we’ll be back on the water in about 25 minutes.”

Luke next posted from a facility where a woman was helping take out the fish hook, allowing him to get return to his day of fishing.

That’s exactly what happened in the next clip, which saw the country star sitting out on the water once again with his company for the day, Russ.

Showing off his clasp-free hand with a big thumbs up, he said: “Got the hook out. We’re back.”

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