‘Bad and Crazy’: First Look at ‘Squid Game’ Wi Ha-joon and Lee Dong-wook in iQiyi K-Drama

In early Sept., iQiyi confirmed Wi ha-joon, Lee Dong-wook, and Han Ji-eun would lead a new Korean drama titled Bad and Crazy. The K-drama has a more fun and exciting storyline than the typical crime drama. Lee plays the lead role of a materialistic detective whose life changes into a dedicated fighter for justice. The shift is thanks to an emerging alternate personality.

Bad and Crazy will have Wi in the main character role as K. The new iQiyi K-drama is expected to be a success as fans have fallen head over heels for the Squid Game actor, adding to his list of well-known works. Fans get a first look at Wi and Lee in their title roles for Bad and Crazy and have already generated a buzz.

An alternate persona wakes up inside a detective in ‘Bad and Crazy’ K-drama

K-drama fans have a unique storyline to look foward to with Bad and Crazy. Lee plays the role of Yoo Seol, a senior inspector for the Mooui Police Department. He has been materialistic in his career, using questionable techniques to gain success, leading to many promotions quickly. Everything changes when a mysterious alternate personality within Yoo Seol awakens. Yoo Seol’s new personality is named K.

K is the exact opposite of Yoo Seol. He hopes to be the last hero of his era and will do anything necessary to seek justice. Unlike Yoo Seol, K has some brazen traits and is a bit crazy. With K awoken, Yoo Seol becomes a new person and diligent inspector who finds himself taking down police corruption. Interwoven in their story is Hee-gyeom (Han).

Hee-gyeom is a police lieutenant in the drug investigation team who once dated Yoo Seol. Much like K, Hee-gyeom is dedicated to her job and a righteous person with good moral ethics. Despite having a good education and coming from a wealthy background, she is considered a “black sheep.”

Still images for ‘Bad and Crazy’ K-drama showcase Wi Ha-joon and Lee Dong-wook as their characters

The streaming platform iQiyi revealed the first still images of Bad and Crazy with its leading characters. Lee wears a clean-cut and tailored grey suit and white T-shirt while talking on the phone. The simple image already gives off an aloof depiction of Yoo Seol for the K-drama. The second introduces the drastic differences between Yoo Seol and his new alternate persona, K. Wi is seen as his character wearing a heavily patterned red button-up shirt while sporting a big grin.

K looks at Yoo Seol is a more admiring and happy gaze. On the other hand, Yoo Seol looks thoroughly annoyed and exasperated by K. The K-drama promises a fun storyline as K manifests into a real-life person instead of fans listening to a voice inside Yoo Seol’s mind.

Bad and Crazy will be the latest iQiyi original K-drama. According to Variety, the K-drama is the third collaboration between the Asian streaming platform and Studio Dragon, a Korean production company. The first successful K-drama by iQiyi was My Roommate is a Gumiho starring Jang Ki-yong and Lee Hye-ri with Shooting Stars still in production.

Wi Ha-joon, Lee Dong-wook and Han Ji-eun will make for a riveting K-drama

Wi has recently gained global popularity starring as Hwang Jun-ho in Netflix’s hit K-drama Squid Game. While fans swoon over Wi’s washboard abs and impressive acting repertoire, Bad and Crazy is the next drama where Wi can showcase his acting skills. His co-star, Lee, is well-known in the industry, having starred in the hit fantasy K-drama, Tale of the Nine-Tailed.

Actor Han is equally as impressive as her co-stars. She has starred in multiple well-recognized dramas in her career. She starred as Ae-weol in the historical K-drama 100 Days My Prince. Included in her career is a supporting role in the Netflix original K-drama, Lovestruck in the City.

The producers for the Bad and Crazy K-drama give high remarks to their lead actors. “With just the casting of Lee Dong-wook, Wi Ha-joon, and Han Ji-eun, we take pride that we will give the birth of a unique hero and a refreshing action [drama] that serves justice. The pleasant yet exciting synergy completed by the three actors will give viewers crazy fun and excitement that can only be seen in ‘Bad and Crazy,’ so please look forward to it,” said the production team, according to Soompi.

Bad and Crazy will premiere in December.

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