Barney the Dinosaur actor David Joyner reveals his saucy side job as a tantric sex expert

THE man who played Barney the purple dinosaur is now a tantric sex therapist.

David Joyner who spent 10-years inside the lovable Tyrannosaurus rex has now become a spiritual healer after hanging up the dino suit in 2001.

Today his tantric massage practice boasts multiple clients, dubbed “goddesses", and he "unblocks the energy" of two to four women in a normal working week.

The job is a far cry from his time on the hit TV show famed for the song "I love you, you love me, we're a happy family."

He now offers far more than just a "great big hug and a kiss from me to you," at his practice in Los Angeles, California.

A full session with Joyner lasts three to four hours will set "goddesses" back £250.

For that they receive a ritual bath, chakra balancing, and a massage as well as a guaranteed orgasm.

He told VICE: “When the lingam [penis] and the yoni [vagina] meet, there’s a certain energy that takes place that hands on the body alone cannot create.

“When you go down on a woman (orally), it should be just like you’re saying grace, like blessing the food you’re about to receive."

Joyner even says he used Tantric teachings to keep his energy levels up during long days on set as Barney.

He claimed the ancient teachings helped him "maintain an abundance of joy during the process.”

Continuing he said: “Before I got into the [Barney] costume, I would pray and ask God to allow his loving divine spirit to flow through me through the costume and let that draw the kids. That energy would always draw them in.

“Children are more connected spiritually than [adults]. A lot of times when I see infants and I’m out and about at the grocery store or whatever, they start staring at me. I make the joke, ‘You know who I am.’”

He began studying Tantra in his teens and took up his current profession in 2004.

His website promises clients: "When you leave my session, you will feel more alive, more awake, and more whole as to whom you are as a spiritual being.

"I will help align and fine-tune your awareness of life, your goals and desires, your communication with others, yourself, and even your relationships."

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