BBC Breakfasts Nina Warhurst kicked out of Commons for clothing rule break

BBC Breakfast presenter Nina Warhurst has admitted she was once thrown out of the House of Commons because she broke their strict clothing rule while working as a journalist.

While Charlie Stayt and his co-host Nina discussed the morning’s newspaper headlines on Saturday morning, Charlie raised the concern of a new relaxed dress code in the House of Commons because of the pandemic.

The brunette beauty opened up about her embarrassing moment as a young reporter when she was caught short wearing a pair of smart jeans which she teamed with a pair of boots in the political hotspot.

The stylish ensemble was clearly disapproved by her fellow colleagues as the presenter revealed she “got a tap on the shoulder” which soon saw her kicked out of the building.

Charlie opened the show with the controversial topic about the outdated restrictions, and said: “The story I chose was about whether during Covid we’ve got more casual, the idea is while we’ve been Zooming and not in the office we’ve dressed casually at home.

“The way this is playing out at the House of Commons is that John Bercow, in 2018, got more relaxed about the dress code and said there was no exact dress code.

“But now Lindsey Hoyle, who is the Commons Speaker who arbitrates on all these sorts of things, has apparently come down quite hard on the whole business.”

“[He] is saying that people have got more relaxed, but he is expecting now that business attire will always be worn in and around the chamber,” he clarified.

But it’s not just the dress code which the Commons Speaker has reinforced but also the act of singing amongst peers and going through social media.

The TV presenter continued: “He’s clamping down on is singing, clapping, scrolling through Twitter, all of those things are being clamped down on.

“[This] happens periodically sometimes people clap, and it’s always been sort of outlawed, but it’s been more relaxed.”

Reflecting on the stern new rules applied to MP’s, Nina added how these rules have been enforced during the pandemic as politicians were forced to wear work attire over video conferences.

She added: “I remember Lindsey Hoyle admonished one of the MP’s for not wearing a tie when they were doing Zoom meetings last year.”

Charlie agreed: “That’s right, so Bercow apparently barred jeans, Tee-shirt, sandal and trainers.

“But Hoyle, who is now in charge, has expanded the list to include jeans, chinos, sportswear, any other casual trousers.”

As they reflected on the updated rules applied to the dress code, Nina remembered the embarrassing moment she was kicked out for her inappropriate clothing.

Nina revealed: “I remember getting a tap on the shoulder when I used to work at the House of Commons as a journalist.

“I got told to leave the lobby area because I was wearing jeans and I hadn’t read the rule book that you’re not supposed to wear jeans, even as a journalist.

Charlie questioned: “Was it jeans and trainers?” to which she clarified: “I wasn’t wearing trainers. I was wearing smart jeans with boots but that’s not allowed.”

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