BGT skateboarding dog Ziggy Trixx dies as devastated owner pays tribute

Britain's Got Talent 's skateboarding dog Ziggy Trixx has sadly died, his owner has confirmed.

Owned by Adem Basharan, the pooch famously impressed the judges on BGT by skateboarding around the stage on his own board.

On January 16, the uniquely talented creature died at the age of seven after suffering from an inoperable swollen prostate.

In his short-lived career, Ziggy also made an appearance on the Channel 5 programme called Puppies Make You Laugh Out Loud.

Describing his famous dog in an interview with the Basilden, Southend and Canvey Echo, Adem said: "Ziggy in his lifetime made a big difference to his breeds reputation and the image of Staffies.

“His life was a stand against breed discrimination.

“He used to do street shows back in the day and I just really wanted to spread the message of the life he lived.

“The point really is so that his legacy has a chance to live on. There’s a really magical story behind it and it would be nice to share that with people.”

Thanks to his skills on his skateboard, Ziggy earned over 390,000 followers on social media, with Adem uploading clips of their boarding sessions together.

Heartbroken by Ziggy's passing, Adem told the publication: “He was my best friend. He was the best friend I’ve ever had. I think his death sent a wave of tears across the world.”

Adem has since set up a Kick Starter to raise funds to create a documentary about Ziggy's life, following his journey over the past seven years.

Plugging the campaign, he wrote: "I have decided to make a documentary about the life of Ziggy Trixx using all his old videos and memories to paint a picture of the life he once lived and hopefully spread joy with the legend he was.

"For those who don't know Ziggy Was a Staffie ambassador who's [sic] life was devoted to improving his breeds image through his tricks and performances."

Urging fans to donate in a bid to bring the project to life, Adem added: "This project is close to my heart and your support would mean the world."

Fans can donate to the Kickstarter here.

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