'Big Brother 23' Spoilers: Julie Chen Explains Game-Changing Twist From Premiere Night

Julie Chen Moonves is the queen of Big Brother and will be back as host for season 23. The television personality is not only the face of the long-running CBS reality competition, she is also a super fan. Chen Moonves has fronted the show since the first season and knows all the ins and outs of the game. A big twist is set to take place during premiere night and the star is dropping the details on how it will all play out.

What is happening during the ‘Big Brother 23’ premiere?

Days before the Big Brother housemates enter the competition officially, the producers of the show hinted at a game-changing twist. If you’re a fan of the series, you know Chen Moonves always tells the contestants to “expect the unexpected,” and that will be true during the premiere night.

“The end of the premiere there is going to be an offer made by Julie that could be too good to refuse. It is double or nothing, keeping within our theme. And I will just tease it and leave it at that,” Allison Grodner revealed during an interview with ET. “A game-changing offer right at the end of the 90-minute live premiere.”

According to executive producer Rich Meehan, this twist is something that has not been done before in the show’s history. The offer will also set the tone for the season and it “will kick off the summer.”

“There are going to be a lot of moments this summer that are going to force the houseguests to make decisions they have never had to make before,” Meehan added. “And again, it could make some of their housemates happy, but it could really upset a few as well.”

How will the ‘Big Brother 23’ premiere twist work?

Big Brother fans are some of the most loyal out there and they have been eager to find out how this twist will work. Ahead of the Season 23 premiere on CBS, Chen Moonves explained how the offer will work during the launch. The host of the competition show said that as soon as the 16 houseguests enter the game they will “be forced to play in teams.”

“The minute a group of four moves in, they’re going to have to compete right away. And the winner of that competition becomes a team captain who gets to pick their teammates at the end of the night,” Chen Moonves explained to Entertainment Weekly.

After the team captains form their teams, they will then go head-to-head to become the first Head of Household. It is after this competition that Chen Moonves will make the tempting offer to the winner.

“At the end of the night, when they think it’s good night time, and everything is good and they’re safe for a week, I’m going to present the Head of Household with an offer that he or she probably cannot refuse,” the host added. “It’s a double or nothing. So that’s a pretty big deal. It’s the summer of big risks and big rewards. It’s a summer that we’re calling the BB Beach Club, but it’s a beach club that is kind of Monte-Carlo if you will. So it’s a good season if you’re a gambler.”

Big Brother Season 23 is set to premiere on Wednesday, July 7 at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.

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