Black Mirror Miley Cyrus episode location: Where is Rachel, Jack and Ashley too filmed?

Black Mirror returns to Netflix with its fifth season and three action-packed episodes for fans to enjoy. Miley Cyrus joined the Black Mirror cast in 2019 and will star in Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too, set in picturesque California. However, Netflix co-creator Charlie Brooker exclusively spoke to about the Black Mirror filming locations and that Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too isn’t actually filmed in the USA.

Where is Black Mirror episode Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too filmed?

Black Mirror filming took place in South Africa for Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too, despite character Ashley O (played by Miley Cyrus) saying she lives in Malibu, California, USA.

The Netflix Original series, in fact, has “never filmed in America,” according to series creator Charlie Brooker.

Brooker told “We’ve never filmed in America. Every time we’ve had a location that looks like it’s in America, it’s either been South Africa, Canada or Spain.”

The writer then added: “It’s too expensive for us to film in America.”


Brooker, who fans may also recognise from his long-running BBC comedy show Weekly Wipe, also said: “You can get all the locations you need [outside of the USA].

“We shot in Brazil as well, and that was because it gave us a lot of different things.

“It’s weirdly punitive to shoot there [USA], that’s why things in America are shot in places like Atalanta and places like that.”

Cyrus was joined by Brooker and co-writer Annabel Jones on location in South Africa for filming and both writers revealed she was their “dream” actress for the role.


Speaking of casting Cyrus, Brooker said: “After the script was written, we were just discussing who could play the part of an international pop star and we just thought, in a dream world, it would be somebody like Miley Cyrus,

“But we just thought that was f****** stupid talk, we thought it was a sort of impossible request.

“We also thought we had nothing to lose by trying to get the script to her.

“We thought we’d just be ignored, to be honest, but we got the script to her and it turned out she’d seen the show and liked it and read the script and liked it and before you knew it we were having a Skype chat and then she said she’d do it!”

Jones added: “I still can’t believe it, we were very lucky!


“She read the script and as you can imagine there were a few things in the script she could identify with.

“She’s got a very sarcastic sense of humour, she’s very funny and she delights in subverting things,

“Her whole career has been about the Disney pop star who tries to carve out her own identity and as a result has faced a lot of opposition from her label and her fans, in some respect, so she’s been on that journey.

“She found it [the script] hilarious, she was like: ‘Oh my god, I’m going to have so much fun with this.’”

Brooke then said: “I remember she said: ‘Oh it’ll p*** people off and p****** people off is kind of my thing.’”

Black Mirror season 5 is available to stream on Netflix from Wednesday, June 5.

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