Bohemian Rhapsody: Brian May on Queen break-up moment MISSING from Freddie Mercury movie

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Last year, Freddie Mercury biopic Bohemian Rhapsody stormed the Oscars despite lukewarm reviews from the critics. The Queen movie depicted the first 15 years of the band from their early days up to their iconic 1985 Live Aid performance. But now Brian May has revealed a moment from their occasional break-ups which was, for the guitarist, surprisingly missing from the movie.

Speaking exclusively with, May said: “Even up to 1986, there were times when we split up and you kind of see a reference to that in the movie.

“And essentially that’s true, we did split up for a period.

“But there was always this feeling that the mothership was still there.”

The mothership is what Freddie, Brian, Roger Taylor and John Deacon would call their Queen foursome as a whole.

May continued: “We used to call it the mothership. And we’d say, ‘When we’re ready we’ll come back to the mothership’.

“Strangely enough that isn’t in the movie, but you can’t put everything in a movie.

“You can’t put the whole of 20 years into two hours.”

Despite Bohemian Rhapsody making over $900 million and a possible sequel covering Freddie’s final years being considered, both May and Taylor aren’t interesting in making it, for now.

Speaking with earlier this year, Taylor shared why a Bohemian Rhapsody 2 is not on the cards for Queen.

The 71-year-old said: “Right now it’s not something I’d like to see. I don’t think it’s particularly a good idea.

“Just because something’s been successful, I don’t think one should necessarily have part two.

“I think that only really worked once and that was with The Godfather!”

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The Queen drummer continued: “I don’t see a great story there.

“I think we told the really good story and I wouldn’t like to be thought of, of just putting something out to sort of cash in. So right now, no.”

But just what could be included in a Bohemian Rhapsody 2 if May and Taylor were eventually convinced to green-light such film?

Well following Live Aid, Queen went on their final tour with Freddie and John in The Magic Tour.

The 1986 concerts across Europe include their famous performance at Ireland’s Slane Castle.

At that show, Freddie had to break up a fight and someone threw a cup at Brian May.

While before the singer’s death in 1991, he recorded Barcelona with Montserrat Caballé and gave his final live performance in 1988 before making Innuendo with Queen.

Queen and Adam Lambert’s new live album Live Around The World is out now.

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