British survivor of earthquake in Turkey breaks down in GMB interview

Turkey: Brit emotional as he discusses aftermath of earthquake

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Susanna Reid and Ed Balls spoke to British survivor Timothy Whiting on Wednesday’s Good Morning Britain. The 29-year-old was speaking live from Adana in Turkey, having been on holiday in Turkey when the earthquake hit. The Yorkshireman broke down as he recalled how he managed to escape to safety.

Southern Turkey and northern Syria were hit by two huge earthquakes on Monday.

Dramatic footage has since emerged of rescues taking place, with some survivors in Turkey saying they are angry at the slow response by the authorities.

Timothy Whiting managed to escape, having been staying in Hatay Province, which is the southernmost province of Turkey.

Susanna told him as he got emotional during the interview: “You have obviously been through a trauma, there are thousands who have been through this trauma.

“It’s going to need a lot of help and resources.”

Timothy explained the extent of the devastation and how people living there had been crying out for support.

He explained: “They are going to need a lot of help, yeah.

“These people, they are in this situation because they have not been helped in the past when they needed help.

“These people that have fled were trying to get to safe places, were trying to get to different parts of Turkey after the war.

“Or trying to get to other countries and they weren’t allowed to and they have ended up in this situation which was very, very dangerous.

“And it’s meant this inevitable thing has happened and now that it’s happened it has been so much more devastating.”

He fought back tears as he recalled what he had heard and seen despite being far away from the main source of the devastation.

He said: “I was in Hatay which was a long way from the centre of the earthquake and if there were not so many people living in the area and in the kind of buildings that they were, then we wouldn’t see the amount of people dead.”


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A team of Ukrainian emergency workers has now left for Turkey to take part in the earthquake rescue and clean-up operations.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said Ukrainian specialists have experience in dealing with natural disasters.

The team is made up of nearly 90 rescue workers and includes 10 search-and-rescue dogs trained to find missing people.

Those reporting on the incident on location have been asked to stay silent as rescuers listen out for signs of life.

Harrowing footage was released of a young Syrian boy who had been trapped under rubble for nearly 45 hours in Hatay.

He was given some water to sip from a bottle cap before he was pulled out.

A lot of the devastation was in Kahramanmaras, which is close to the epicentre of the second quake.

Rows of buildings were seen to have collapsed and rescuers are searching through the rubble in bitterly cold temperatures.

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