Carol Kirkwood regretted ‘flippant weather’ remark before BBC Breakfast replacement fear

Naga Munchetty calls Carol Kirkwood ‘one of the best forecasters’

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The meteorologist, 58, has presented on BBC Breakfast for around two decades and is beloved by many members of the public. She first joined the corporation as a secretarial reserve before training as a presenter. Since then, Carol has appeared on Strictly Come Dancing, The One Show, Wimbledon coverage, Hollyoaks and more.

Despite numerous appearances on other shows, the TV star has always maintained that BBC Breakfast was her “dream job”.

Carol claimed to love delivering the UK’s forecasts, even when she’s blamed for “ruining barbecues” due to inaccurate weather reports.

Over the years, she has continuously stated that she would never leave BBC Breakfast and doesn’t plan to retire. 

But Carol anticipates being “told” she can “no longer do the weather” one day in the future.

She told The Scottish Sun that losing her slot on BBC Breakfast would be “like losing a limb”.

During the 2012 interview, Carol said: “I know the clock is ticking down for me.”

She referenced age as a concern for her, especially after it was listed incorrectly in a number of articles.

At the time, Carol claimed to have been “52, 53 and 51” years old when she was actually 49.

While friends had “a field day with it”, for her it was a reminder that she couldn’t present BBC Breakfast forever. 

Carol said: “Look I know there are thousands of younger girls who will kill for my job.”

JUST IN: Carol Kirkwood felt ‘clock was ticking’ on BBC Breakfast career

The BBC has not hinted at any plans to replace her but recently BBC Breakfast fans tipped an emerging star to take over her slot.

After Owain Wyn Jones’ forecast last weekend, a number of viewers took to Twitter to praise the weather reporter.

One fan requested to see “more of him” on BBC Breakfast and claimed he made “even a horrible forecast fun”.

A second said they “loved the delivery and presentation” and a third claimed to “love the new happy, happy weatherman”.

The fan continued: “Morning Owain, [it was] a breath of fresh air having you on the box and in the studio this morning.”

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The responses from viewers suggested the rising star could be a big name on the BBC at some point in the future. 

In 2018, Carol told the Radio Times that she would present forecasts for “as long as Breakfast wants me”.

The star said she would “never give up” the role voluntarily and joked that bosses may struggle to sack her too.

Carol said: “If they showed me the door, I’d hang on by my fingernails.”

She recounted the “last time” she was “flipping about the weather” during one candid account. 

Carol was training in Atlanta with The Weather Channel when she “got the chance to go tornado-chasing”.

She said: “Out of nowhere, this 70mph wind almost blew me off my feet.”

Carol was approached by a man who came out of his home and asked her what she was doing. 

She recalled: “I was so excited, I said, ‘We’re chasing tornados – I can’t wait to see one’.

“He replied, ‘These things destroy our livelihoods and our lives’ – it was the last time I was ever flippant about the weather.”

Owain Wyn Evans plays BBC theme tune on the drums

Carol felt she had learned a lot from that experience and to this day, seems to love her job.

Her cheerfulness comes despite admitting her early-morning starts made her feel like she had “permanent jet lag”.

Carol said: “I’ll be there because I love it.”

In her typical, sunny disposition, the star told The Sun she would “continue to make hay while the sun shines”.

When asked if she was as happy away from the cameras, Carol said she was. 

She also claimed that BBC Breakfast was her “joie de vivre – my joy of living”.

Carol said her “smile rarely drops”, even when she’s on the radio and she isn’t seen by the public.

She said: “I’m a natural smiler, when I’m happy I smile, it’s my default position.”

In January, BBC Breakfast reported 80 million live stream requests on iPlayer and an audience share of 42 percent.

They claimed to have reached 5.7 million people on an average day.

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