Celebs Go Dating star Sophie Hermann reveals she broke down in tears in emotional therapy sessions with dating experts

CELEBS Go Dating’s Sophie Hermann has teased that there will be plenty of tears as she “opens up about dark periods in her life” for the first time.

The Made in Chelsea star, 33, revealed that she may not have found her dream man but she did walk away from the process with a whole new outlook on life.

Speaking exclusively to The Sun, the German beauty said: “It was honestly one of the best things I have ever done. It was surprising; it was quite therapeutic for me also.

“You will be a whole new side of me, because everyone just sees the self-confident Herminator but there is obviously a lot of life experiences that have shaped me in the way that I am.

"You will see a lot of tears, I’ve never cried on TV.”

The reality favourite said she was ready to open up about her past in the hope that it would help her find a romantic partner.

She added: “Anna and Paul I rate them so much, before I tried therapy and couples therapy and it never worked for me.

“I didn’t have a high opinion on it on a personal level but Anna and Paul turned this around so much and made me feel so safe and secure that I actually opened up about a lot of dark periods in my life and I feel a lot lighter now. It was genuinely a great experience.”

Dating expert Anna Williamson recently revealed that some of the new series' horny stars “gave into sexual urges” inside the £30million luxury mansion.

It comes after The Sun revealed there is a 'sex cottage' on the grounds of the estate where the stars can take their dates, similar to Live Island's Hideaway.

But the posh beauty admitted that she was relieved that she had her own Duchess wing, otherwise she would have not have signed up for the show.

She joked: “Thank God I had my upstairs Duchess wing – that was obviously my recluse moment because I need my sleep.

“That made things a lot easier for me because without that I probably wouldn’t have been able to do it.”

The E4 dating show also welcomed back Chloe Ferry, Sophie said that she has formed an unlikely friendship with the Geordie star.  

Sophie added: “Living with everyone, coming especially from a show like Made In Chelsea where drama is basically part of the daily routine, I was really positively surprised especially with the girls Kimberley and Chloe, we are The Powerpuff Girls.

“There was no nastiness, no animosity, no jealousy, no bitching, no catfights. That was just a nice change. That was brilliant."

The Chelsea babe said that she was proud of her new BFF Chloe and how far she had come on her journey.

She added: “We had the best time, Chloe and me especially. I just love her so much. She is such an amazing person. Never in a billion years would I have thought that us two would end up being BFFs. We have so much in common and she has the heart of gold.

“Chloe toned down the makeup after a while, I love makeup and I slap on all the Charlotte Tilbury I can find but Chloe obviously has a bit more of a Kardashian look.

“It was cute to see after a while that she stopped wearing fake eyelashes and she wore colour co-ordinated outfits, I was allowed to style her – it was sweet. It’s really nice that we learnt things from her. Kimberley is an amazing human being.”

The show was given an overhaul to ensure that it could be filmed safely, and it's resulted in the most dramatic series to date.

Everyone in the house had quarantined beforehand and was Covid-free, meaning the celebs were able to let loose.

Sophie and DJ Tom Zanetti have set tongues wagging that the pair hit it off inside the house following flirty exchanges.

Sophie joked that we will have to wait to see if she found any potential matches, she said: “I am narrowing the pool down to a very small puddle to fish from.

“Anna and Paul basically help me to open up my horizons. Them having all of these buses filled with men, it was a nice Kellogs variety that you get to pick and match.”

The telly star said that she is ready to settle down now that she has reached her thirties and is fed up of wasting her time on “undeserving men”.

She said: “The older you get the harder it gets for me because you know exactly what you want.I’m very picky because I do not want to waste anymore precious years of mine to undeserving a**holes.

 “I have narrowed down with Paul – humour, loyalty and beauty, these are three things that are most important to me.

"I have a lifestyle that I also want my man to share or at least understand, these are things that are very important to me.”

She added: “Celebs Go Dating was one of the most intense but also best things I’ve ever done, I dreaded it so much at the beginning and now I am so happy that I’ve done it.”

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