Child's Play behind-the-scenes video introduces cast of characters

The version of Chucky in the horror remake Child’s Play (out June 21) may be powered by technology rather than the soul of serial killer — as was the case in the original films — but, let’s face it, the Mark Hamill-voiced killer doll doesn’t need too much introduction. So, what other characters feature in the film? A new behind-the-scenes featurette addresses that question, introducing Aubrey Plaza‘s single mother Karen Barclay, Gabriel Bateman’s Chucky-owning Andy Barclay, and Brian Tyree Henry’s cop, Mike.

“I’m really excited about playing the role of Karen,” says Plaza in the video. “The idea of playing a young, single mom was really appealing to me. Honestly, just to work with Gabriel and Brian, I think both of them are incredible actors.”

“Mike is very loyal and very trustworthy,” says Henry. “He’s a police officer, and he meets this little kid Andy, who really doesn’t have any friends.”

“Andy is more mature than most kids his age, I would say,” says Bateman. “And he has a hearing aid, which makes him pretty insecure, so he doesn’t really socialize much. And he gets really attached to Chucky, because he’s really vulnerable.”

Watch that video above.

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