CNN’s Jake Tapper Calls Out Colleague Chris Cuomo: “He Put Us In A Bad Spot”

CNN analyst Chris Cuomo placed the news organization in a bad spot, according to the network’s Lead Washington Anchor, Jake Tapper.

Cuomo was slammed for advising his brother, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, on how to respond to sexual harassment allegations. By doing so, he called into question whether the network, in particular Chris Cuomo, could impartially cover the governor’s crisis

Tapper told the New York Times that Chris’ behavior put network employees in “a bad spot.”

“I cannot imagine a world in which anybody in journalism thinks that that was appropriate,’ Tapper said in a Friday interview. “Chris, in his apology that he delivered on air, said that he put us in a bad spot. I would also agree with that.”

Tapper added that he personally works hard to be fair and ethical and not cross lines. “And I certainly understand the love that Chris has for his brother… but that was not a fun day.”

Last week, Chris Cuomo said on his CNN show Cuomo Prime Time that he had been “looped into calls” regarding his brother, who is facing several sexual harassment accusations and is under pressure to resign.

“I understand why that was a problem for CNN,’ Chris Cuomo said. “It will not happen again.”

Chris Cuomo never covered the sexual harassment allegations made against his brother on his program.

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