Coronation Street boss teases dangerous storyline for Daisy with psychological impact

Coronation Street boss, Iain MacLeod, has teased a new upcoming "dangerous" storyline for aspiring influencer Daisy Midgeley.

The new storyline on the hit ITV soap is said to leave "psychological impact running across the whole of 2023" and even threatens her relationship with fiancé Daniel Osbourne.

It comes as soap watchers have predicted a "stalking" storyline for Daisy after her account has been spammed by an account called "THISCHARMINGMAN".

Iain said of what to expect in 2023: "The storyline is about a young woman on the internet and the dangers that face influencers.

"It’s high profile but in her case, with quite a small-fry online following and it brings her into a certain degree of danger as the wedding approaches. Mini-Ken Barlow wants a serious and cultured wedding, but Daisy wants everything to be a bit extra. There’s fun to be had there but in the background, a creeping danger arises from her online life."

The ITV soap boss added: "It takes a while for them to realise the dangers that are brewing. We’re into an interesting, current, socially important story with a far-reaching psychological impact running across the whole of 2023.

"It threatens their relationship, leads to Daisy’s faith in Daniel being shaken and maybe, just maybe, she may have her head turned."

Only recently, Daisy got engaged to Daniel on Christmas Day after Ken Barlow helped orchestrate the romantic stunt after the original diamond ring was stolen in the burglary.

Daisy, an inspiring influencer, was quick to update her social media followers with the happy news as she shared a shot of the dazzling diamond.

To which an account popped up called "THISCHARMINGMAN" with a dog icon as they commented: "Beautiful, just like you".

However, Daisy wasn't worried about the account, telling a concerned Daniel: "He's always nice, I mean most of them are! Social media gets a bad rep."

Soap watchers now think Daisy will be part of a stalking storyline and fans have already speculated who could be behind the "THISCHARMINGMAN" account.

Viewers will recall that recently Daisy and Daniel attended her appointment at the breast clinic, where she learnt her lump was non-cancerous and a cyst.

Prior to the appointment, Daniel went to get a nervous Daisy a cup of tea where she got talking to a man, Justin, in the waiting room, who was waiting for his mother.

Soap watchers now think Justin, who is played by Hollyoaks star Andrew Still, could be behind the "THISCHARMINGMAN" account and will stalk Daisy.


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