Coronation Street spoilers: Mikey North hints how Gary Windass will get revenge on Sarah Platt for reporting him to the police

CORONATION Street fans will know that Gary Windass doesn't pull any punches when it comes to getting his own back. 

The cobbles killer was left heartbroken by former fiancée Sarah Platt after she shopped him to the police over the Underworld factory collapse and now it looks like the builder wants to settle the score on the hit ITV soap… 

Actor Mikey North – who plays the bad boy builder – has hinted at how his character might get his revenge on his ex-lover following his arrest. 

And, from the sound of things, the mum-of-two should be very worried indeed.

Speaking to The Metro, Mikey reminded Corrie fans that Gary is one of the few people who know that Kylie Platt murdered psycho Callum Logan and that Sarah helped to cover the killing up by hiding the body.

Mikey, who has played Gary since 2008, told the publication: “Now he’s lost her (Sarah) as well he’s got nothing to lose and that makes him quite dangerous."

After suggesting that Gary might double cross Sarah by shopping her to the police for her own crime cover up, he added: “I always thought that was the way they were going to go with it.

"I thought that’s how he was going to get out of it for now.

"But they are going to need each other at some point."

But would Gary really stoop as low as to ruin the life of the woman he once planned to marry?

He’s been pretty gutted since finding out that Sarah has already moved on from their relationship and is dating hunky legal eagle Adam Barlow.

The actor has even suggested that his unhinged character might kill again and Corrie fans are worried that Adam – played by Scottie hottie Sam Robertson – could be his next victim.

Gary was revealed as the hooded figure who tampered with the Underworld roof back in May.

His actions led to the factory collapsing, killing the much-loved nurse Rana Habeeb.

Since then he’s also murdered loan shark Rick Neelan, who is buried in a shallow grave in a nearby woodland.

But is the net is closing in on Gary now that Sarah’s onto him and Rick’s teenage daughter Kelly has reported her dad missing?

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