Coronation Street star admits ‘I’m struggling’ ahead of exit

Coronation Street: Bernie gets stitched up by Fern

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In August this year, Corrie fans watched as Gabrielle Glaister made her comeback on the ITV soap. Although this time, the 62-year-old was playing Bernie Winter’s (Jane Hazelgrove) doppelganger. Despite the lookalike storyline causing a stir in the show, Gabrielle’s time in Weatherfield is coming to an end.

Gabrielle first made her debut in Coronation Street back in 2000 when she had a brief stint for nine months as Debs Brownlow, sister of Natalie Barnes (Denise Welch).

However, the star returned to the cobbles earlier this year as the lookalike to Bernie Winter, after actress Jane Hazelgrove posed the idea to bosses.

After revealing the duo gets mistaken all the time in real life, producers were on board and the role of Fern Lindon was introduced.

Although, after three months in the show, the actress stated she’ll be departing once again and teased what soap she wouldn’t mind joining.

The 62-year-old isn’t a stranger to starring in soaps as she’s been in Brookside and Emmerdale throughout the years.

Speaking to TV Times about what she’d like to do next, she commented: “I have no idea [what I’m going to do next]. I’m struggling with empty nest syndrome as my son’s gone off to university, so somebody needs to give me a job.

“I love doing telly and I love soaps. I’ve done Family Affairs and Emmerdale, as well as Corrie and Brookside.

“But,  I haven’t done EastEnders yet – I’d definitely consider it. It sounds dull, but I just love working.”

Gabrielle admitted that when she first was approached about playing Fern in Coronation Street she thought the idea was silly as she’d played Debs in the past.

She added: “But hey, I’m an actor, and actors play different roles. It was a bit of a gamble.

“I think it has really worked, and we’ve had a lovely time filming it.”

The actress made her return to the show following a parcel collection mix-up between Fern and Bernie.

While Bernie is going to get Joseph’s school uniform, the shop assistant accidentally gives her a parcel for Fern as she mistakes the two women.

Later on, Fern is furious at the mistake as she arrives at Bernie’s house accusing her of stealing.

Although tempers start to dwindle when they realise how similar they look with Fern returning the following week suggesting a dodgy way the pair can earn money.

However, it hasn’t been smooth sailing for the pair after newbie Fern framed her doppelganger.

Robbing a jewellery store dressed as Bernie, she let her take the blame for the crime as she’s later arrested on suspicion of theft.

Realising her new ‘friend’ Fern has set her up, Bernie tries to tell the police about her look alike but they believe she’s making it up.

With Fern pulling a runner, Bernie enlists the help of her ex-husband Howard to try and bait out the fraudster and prove her innocence.

Coronation Street airs on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV.

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