Corries Ben Prices life off screen – actress wife, soap rules and goose attack

Coronation Street star Ben Price is certainly well-known to soap fans, but over the years he has had some big events go on in his personal life – including several Corrie exits and comebacks to the cobbles.

Ben was born on June 30, 1972, and he married wife Alexandra Wheeler in 2005, with whom he shares two children, Maximillian Price and Paloma Price.

The actor has appeared in a wide range of household shows, including Aussie soap Home and Away in 1998, playing the character Geoff Burns.

Ben also featured in Footballers' Wives as Conrad Gates and played anti-hero Nathan Spencer in Casualty from 2005 to 2007.

The Tudors and The Bill also welcomed him to their set for fleeting roles; by 2009, Ben joined Coronation Street and became the Nick Tilsley we know today.

Despite his love of TV, the father-of-two has dipped into both theatre and production, creating his own company – Bolo Films – and producing a short film titled I'm Sorry to Tell You, which was released in 2015.

After eight years on Coronation Street, Ben Price left the show due to personal reasons as he wanted to spend more time with his actress wife Alexandra Wheeler and their children.

They reportedly met while working together in a play called On The Razzle.

While working on set, he said he couldn't get the balance right between being away from his family and working.

From his exit, he became a stay-at-home dad, focusing on writing, film, taking his children to school and making packed lunches.

However, just one year on, Corrie's former boss Kate Oates secured Ben's return to the set with more flexible hours.

Upon his return in 2018, Ben said: "I now have a different way of working. I get a longer weekend – they make sure I can get home on a Friday.

"They crush my work into busy days rather than it elongating over time.

"And they are aware that I have to find that balance now. It's a really different working week and I couldn't be happier to be back."

People who might be happier than the viewers to have him back around could be his co-stars Colson Smith and Jack P Shepherd, with the trio working together on the Sofa Cinema Club podcast.

While they share stories among themselves on each episode, Ben had his co-stars in hysterics when he recounted his experience with a goose.

He said: "There I am running through Trafford and there's a goose with its chicks on the towpath.

"So I turn and I'm right opposite it running and it goes: 'Hiss.' The full hiss. And it's big. One of those big f***ers."

He added "So it took off at me, pinned me against the wall, full flap. And I'm like, 'Argh!'

"I was thinking, 'I'm not going anywhere near your babies, your chicks, I'm just running through.'

"I tell you what, I ran. And I was a bit panicked. But of course, there's like another 10.

"So I can't go back, I'm going forward and every time I go past one I'm like talking to them, saying: 'No dramas, nothing here. I'm just going for a run. Please.'"

He warned his co-stars that you don't want to upset geese, and you don't want to stress them out either.

Ben and his co-stars release their podcast twice a week, with an hour-long episode available on Thursdays and a 15-minute episode available on Mondays.

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