Corrie’s Tim Metcalfe exposed as secret bigamist in explosive twist

Tim Metcalfe is set to be exposed as a secret bigamist in an explosive twist on Coronation Street .

Geoff and Yasmeen return to Weatherfield after their trip to Las Vegas and Tim suggests that they have another ceremony at home to confirm it.

However Geoff insists that it isn't necessary as their wedding in Vegas was official, worrying Tim in the process.

Tim later drops the bombshell to Steve and Kevin that he married an air hostess in Vegas thinking it was a joke.

His pals crack up as they realise that Tim is a bigamist.

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Tim is very uncomfortable over the idea of going to Geoff and Yasmeen's Vegas party and later goes to get legal advice from Adam and Imran about his other marriage.

He later manages to track Charlie down to a bar in town and asks he for a divorce.

Charlie agrees but tells him that he needs to fund it.

Tim later confides to Abi in the Rovers that he was already married when he wed Sally but that he didn't realise it at the time.

Abi urges him to tel Sally the truth.

However Tim later gets down on one knee at the Vegas party and suggests to Sally that they get married again.

Sally is thrilled with the seemingly romantic gesture. Away from his oblivious partner, Tim tells Kevin and Abi that he intends to divorce Charlie and marry Sally again so that they are legally married.

Will Tim's plan work out? Or will Sally discover the truth?

*Coronation Street airs tonight at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV

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