Countdown's Susie Dent reveals the bizarre cause of 'drunken' appearances on Channel 4 show

COUNTDOWN'S Susie Dent has revealed the bizarre cause of 'drunken' appearances on the Channel 4 show.

The dictionary corner star has been questioned about her demeanor on the show by fans on social media from time to time after her speech was a bit slurred.

But Susie, 56, insists she hasn't had a cheeky tipple in her dressing room before the recordings, but a cup of coffee.

She told The Mirror: "The thing that visibly affects me most is caffeine.

"My body goes into toxic shock. I get incredibly cold and start shivering. My lips go absolutely black with cold and I start ­slurring my words.

“I seem much more drunk than I would have done had I had a couple of gin slings."

She continued: "I did get a couple of tweets saying ‘Susie has been on the sauce’. But I honestly hadn’t.”

Meanwhile, The Sun revealed earlier this month that Susie had sadly split with her husband of almost 20 years.

Susie, who first joined the Channel 4 show in 1992, has been living apart from teacher Paul Atkins for the past year.

The couple, who have two daughters, remain on amicable terms and have told family and friends. 

No one else is said to be involved in the break-up. Last night, a source told The Sun: “It’s obviously a very sad situation, but Susie has handled everything stoically.

“She has ploughed on professionally with all aspects of her working life and is simply trying to make the most of a heartbreaking scenario.

“Obviously Susie and Paul did all they could to make things work, but decided in the end to part ways.”

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