Dan Le Batard Is Leaving ESPN Next Month

“Highly Questionable” will go on without Le Batard — and his dad

Joe Faraoni for ESPN

Dan Le Batard is leaving ESPN next month. His TV show, “Highly Questionable,” will continue on without him — or his dad.

“It was mutually agreed that it was best for both sides to move on to new opportunities and we worked together closely to make that possible,” said Norby Williamson, ESPN executive vice president and executive editor. “We thank Dan for his many years and contributions to ESPN and wish him all the best going forward.”

Le Batard said: “Gracias to ESPN for unleashing Papi and Stugotz upon an unsuspecting America, and for lending its substantive credibility to our careening clown car. Can’t believe Stugotz finally achieved his dream of becoming a high-priced free agent. I’m forever indebted to Erik Rydholm, Matt Kelliher and their vibrant team for providing a creative oasis across a decade, and for expanding the Le Batard family to include so many brilliant colleagues who have become forever friends, bonded eternally by laughter and love. Want to also extend my gratitude to Chuck Salituro, Jimmy Pitaro, Traug Keller, Marcia Keegan, Connor Schell, Juan Diaz, Mike Foss, Amanda Gifford, Liam Chapman, Megan Judge, Elizabeth Fierman, the Hialeah-soaked crew at Imagina …and when did this become a droning acceptance speech instead of a quick goodbye? In short, thank you, Disney and ESPN, for a quarter century of absurd blessings. To our loyal army of concerned fans, and to everyone who walked along and played an instrument in our Marching Band to Nowhere, know that it is a very exciting time for us, not a sad one. And that you’ll be hearing our laughter again soon enough.”

Mike Greenberg will take Le Batard’s ESPN Radio time slot. Bart Scott and Alan Hahn’s radio show will follow.

“Greeny’s move will provide fans with a seamless transition from ‘Get Up’ to Mike’s more in-depth takes on radio. ‘Bart & Hahn’ has a great following in New York and we’re excited to bring that show to a national audience on a regular basis,” said David Roberts, ESPN senior vice president, production. “‘Highly Questionable’ will also continue to build on its success, engaging with fans every weekday afternoon, led by a contributing team of signature personalities.”

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