Dr Hilary explains how NHS Covid-19 app works as GMB fans fume over difficulties

Dr Hilary Jones has said that the new NHS Covid-19 app, intended to track and trace the spread of the coronavirus, needs 70% of people to use it to make it work.

The app, which was released on Thursday, is available for those over the age of 16 who have a compatible phone, such as an iPhone or an Android device.

However despite the majority of people needing to use the app to make it viable, a number of Good Morning Britain viewers were having major difficulties.

Ben Shephard read out a number of responses from people trying to use the app struggling due to limitations of their devices.

On Twitter, one person wrote: "Can't download the NHS app because I can't get a recent enough iOS on my phone. Well, that's the first hurdle truly face-planted at."

Another said: "I've tried putting the NHS track and trace app on my Apple device but my version of iOS is rubbish."

A third tweeted: "NHS Covid-19 app required iOS 13.5. People with older phones (like my wife's 5S which won't go beyond 12.4) are excluded."

And someone else said: "I can't download the NHS Covid-19 app on my 6S because I don't have enough space to update iOS. Why is it only compatible with iOS versions that came out this year?"

Meanwhile others mentioned they'd had no issues at all, with one saying: "The app was very simple to download and literally took 30 seconds to set up."

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Another said: "Downloaded the app this morning and working fine."

And a third added: "Yup got the NHS Covid app! On my iPhone 6! All is fine. Bit shocked my area is medium."

Dr Hilary said: "I think what is interesting is because it’s smart technology, it's bluetooth and it’s on people’s phones, the generation that use these phones all the time are probably the generation that is most responsible for transmitting Covid.

"I think people in their 20s to 30s who rely on technology a lot will be thinking, 'Yeah I will download this, I would like to know if I have been in contact with Covid, if someone has tested positive and I have been in their vicinity, I will try to get a test through the app'.

"Which you can do, it's very simple.

"If you go into a restaurant or bar you just put the QR code in, it checks your symptoms and reminds you what the symptoms are, so for many people it will be useful and it is anonymised, I think the privacy is really good."

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