EastEnders’ star Jake Wood reveals ‘most stressful thing' Max Branning ever had to do

EASTENDERS’ star Jake Wood has revealed the "most stressful thing" Max Branning ever had to do after playing the character for 15 years. 

Max’s dramatic final scenes aired last week as he realised there was nothing left for him in Walford.

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Max has been at the centre of some huge storylines with some of the show’s biggest characters, including his affair with Stacey which reached boiling point on Christmas Day 2007 when he was exposed in front of the entire Branning family. 

In 2015, Jake was involved in another explosive storyline when he was falsely sent to prison for the murder of Lucy Beale.

But the actor has revealed that it was sitting in a hot tub with Ian Beale that was the "most stressful thing" his character ever had to do.

During Jake's appearance on Good Morning Britain today (February 23), Susanna Reid pointed out that he must be exhausted by his character’s sex life after Max slept with 15 women during his time in the Square. 

Jake laughed and responded: "It’s mad isn’t it, because I’ve been with my wife Alison for 16 years this year so I couldn’t be more different than Max. I think he is a great character, I’ve enjoyed and loved playing the character."

He added: "But when you were reading out that list of all the things he’s done, I was feeling a bit knackered."

Jake then joked: "I think the most stressful thing he’s ever done is share a hot tub with Ian Beale." 

Viewers watched Max make a dramatic exit last week after he was turned on by his ex Linda Carter and brother Jack. 

Realising his time in Walford was up, Max decided to leave with his granddaughter Abi.

But as he walked with toddler Abi to the Tube, he had a sudden change of heart – and realised he couldn’t take her with him. 

Max then dropped her off at Rainie and Stuart’s flat, before walking out of Walford in tears. 

Actor Jake told The Sun and other media that he does not have any plans to return to EastEnders, but that he wouldn’t rule it out.

He said: “Never say never, I’m obviously very pleased they have kept the door open, but we’ll see what happens down the road.

“At the moment I have no plans to go back so we’ll see what happens, I’m excited about what’s next.”

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