EastEnders terror as Billy Michell kidnaps Janet and Will after being threatened by Jay?

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EastEnders fans were stunned when Honey (Emma Barton) started dating her former stepson Jay (Jamie Borthwick) last year. Billy fostered Jay when he was a teenager after he lost his father, and he and Honey became Jay’s step parents. Although the couple broke up, Billy was understandably shocked when Jay and Honey began a relationship, and things are still tense between the trio. But in order to be around his children, Billy has tried to accept the two as a couple. But after being made homeless lately and having to compete with Jay in upcoming episodes of the BBC soap, it seems Billy could be reaching breaking point. Will he kidnap his own children in an attempt to run away with them?

In future scenes, Kat Slater (Jessie Wallace) moans at Billy, who has recently moved in with her and Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) after the cupel found out Billy had become homeless.

Kat criticises him for not helping out around the house. Jay is giving her a hand moving more of her belongings in, and he offers to take Kat’s son Tommy Moon (Sonny Kendall) to practice football in order to prepare for his important trial.

Billy gets jealous of Jay when he returns with Tommy, and soon the pair are going head to head in a penalty shoot-out in order to decide who will take the youngster to his trial.

The men are preparing to battle it out as Kim Fox (Tameka Empson) turns up.

Although it starts as a playful game, it could turn serious for Billy, who feels undermined by Jay.

Constantly competing with Jay, it’s possible Billy will decide to take drastic action in order to get away from him and Honey.

Billy would never leave his children, Janet (Grace) and Will (Freddie Phillips).

In attempts to start afresh after being made homeless and enduring the pain of seeing Honey and Jay together, will Billy flee with his kids?

The schoolchildren are currently on their summer holidays from school, so Billy might see it as the perfect opportunity to spend some more time with them as he plots their escape.

Earlier this year, Billy punched Jay as they had words in the Square once Billy had found out about the relationship.

“Never one to waste an opportunity were you, Jay?” He snapped.

“While the rest of us were struggling through lockdown, you were making moves on my wife!”

“Ex wife,” Jay corrected him. “And I’ve told you, it wasn’t like that.”

“And that makes it does it?” Billy yelled. “He’s had my granddaughter, he’s had my wife, sorry – ex wife.

“I better lock up Janet next, especially with your record.” Jay replied: “You’re out of order”, before Billy turned around and punched him to the floor.

He screamed: “No you’re out of order, and you’re dead to me.”

With things still awkward between the two, matters are made worse as Jay keeps turning up to compete with Billy over his children.

And now, with the pair fighting to prove who is better at football, and Billy already having a hard time with his living situation, the market trader might just decide enough is enough.

And he might use Tommy’s trial as the perfect distraction while he collects his children and plans to flee Albert Square.

There is bound to be celebration, because Kim later shows Kat a video Tommy put online of his goal.

It turns out the video gets shared by none other than Harry Redknapp, throwing Tommy into the spotlight.

The group watch the video as it goes viral and Kat soon receives a call to say Tommy had made the team.

With a party on the Square likely to take place in celebration, a fed up Billy might see this as his chance to act.

But will anybody notice and be able to stop him before he gets too far?

Janet and Will are also old enough to know what Billy’s doing, will they make him see sense?

If not, Honey and Jay could end up panic-stricken and running around a busy Albert Square trying to find the kids.

If they do get caught, Billy could find himself in even more trouble.

EastEnders continues on Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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