EastEnders Tiffany left devastated as she admits to face fillers after allergic reaction

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Tiffany Butcher was left devastated on Friday's EastEnders after she had an allergic reaction to face fillers and admitted to her furious husband Keegan Baker that she had spent more than £1000 on procedures.

During the episode, Tiffany (Maisie Smith) showed up to Walford’s Best Street Food award ceremony, which Keegan won, with a painful red rash on her cheek.

After leaving her husband concerned, Tiffany lied and pretended that she had an allergic reaction to a facial she received before the event.

However, later on the episode, the character admitted to Whitney Dean that the rash on her cheek was the result of an allergic reaction to face fillers.

Whitney said: "Oh my gosh, what's happened to your face?" to which Tiffany admitted: "I had fillers and I must have had a reaction or something…"

Explaining her decision, she said: "I was getting my hair and lashes done… everyone does it. I just thought, if I had the right look, I'd get more [social media] followers. I'm not just doing it to be vain. If I want to be a proper brand, I have to have the right look. Maybe it makes me feel good too."

Whitney insisted that Tiffany didn't need any procedures and that she is "beautiful" just as she is, she added: "If you want them done, fine, but go somewhere proper."

Tiffany admitted that the fillers were "pricey" so she used a credit card and insisted that they will be fine and that her face will eventually go down.

At the end of the episode, Tiffany found Keegan where she apologised for ruining his big night and confessed that the reaction on her cheek was caused by fillers not the facial.

Tiffany said: "It weren't a facial, I got fillers, I just wanted to look my best," where she let slip it is not the first time she has had the procedure done as she sees it as an "investment".

And after confessing to spending £800 on the fillers, as well as £400 for the first lot, an angry Keegan ranted: "You spent over a grand, Tiff, I've been standing on a stage, telling people we're a team… while you're running up debts to impress your mates with selfies.

"You did ruin tonight, but I'm not going to let you ruin our future!"

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Keegan then stormed off as the episode ended with a devastated Tiffany sobbing hysterically.

EastEnders continues on BBC One.

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