Emmerdale confirms Kim Tate's next victim

As you’d expect of the mighty Kim Tate (Claire King), she is taking over half of Emmerdale village and soon she has her sights set on the local sweet factory – even if she does manage to turn all of the caramel sour with one withering look. When Rishi Sharma (Bhasker Patel) admits to a stunned Jai (Chris Bisson) and Priya (Fiona Wade) that the factory is on the brink of ruin, he is running out of options and knows he will have to go cap in hand to the wealthiest, if not the most sympathetic, inhabitant of the village.

He secretly arranges a meeting with Kim to ask for a loan and she is only too happy to oblige – so long as it is on her unsurprisingly harsh terms. When Rishi receives the contract, he is stunned by her terms and he decides that it’s best to keep Jai and Priya in the dark over what he is planning to get involved in, knowing what their responses will understandably be.

As he promises them that the business is safe and he has found a way to get through this rough patch, Rishi tries to charm Kim into a better rate for the contract but he has under estimated the ice cold heart of the queen of mean, who tells him he can take it or leave it but there will be no negotiations.

With no other way out of it, Rishi makes a decision but is he about to get involved with Kim and could it be the last thing he ever does in the business?

Making arrangements with Kim rarely end well but once he signs on the dotted line, that’s that! Will Jai discover what his dad is planning and stop him before it’s too late?

Or is Kim about to add the factory to her empire?

More to the point, would you eat sweets manufactured by Kim Tate?

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