Emmerdale fans seriously distracted by Meena Jutla's appearance during tense hostage scenes

EMMERDALE fans were left seriously distracted by Meena Jutla's appearance during tense hostage scenes on Monday's episode.

Manpreet has been held captive by her twisted younger sister since Christmas, with Meena being forced to move her sibling to a barn last week.

Meanwhile Vinny had been digging around trying to find clues that would help clear Liv's name, and he soon realised Meena was the key to unlocking everything.

He followed her to the barn and was knocked unconscious when she attacked him from behind, just seconds after he saw Manpreet tied up.

Manpreet was quick to bring Vinny up to speed on all the people Meena has killed once he regained consciousness.

Vinny was left terrified but told Manpreet they will both be fine, however, Meena has other ideas and injects her sister with more drugs.

The evil nurse began to taunt Vinny, by taking his glasses and wearing them, leaving him unable to see properly.

ITV viewers became immediately distracted by Meena's new look, as she sported the thick-rimmed glasses with her black puffa coat.

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One wrote: "Obsessed with Meena stealing Vinny's glasses while torturing him… a comedic queen!"

"Okay but Meena with glasses?" someone else posted.

A third fan tweeted: "Meena even looks good in glasses!"

"Meena wearing Vinny's glasses. It's the small touches with her that send me completely [cry-laughing emoji]," someone else said.

In upcoming scenes, Vinny fears the end may be near, but Manpreet somehow manages to wiggle free from her shackles and attacks Meena, injuring her wrist.

Unfortunately for the pair, Meena soon gets the upper hand.

After an awkward conversation with Dr Liam, Meena returns to the pair and informs them that today will be their final day alive.

On Friday, viewers were left pulling their hair out after Vinny found Manpreet alive, only for Meena to take him hostage too.

Viewers immediately took to Twitter to discuss the latest turn of events in the Meena saga, with one writing: "Dumb #Meena now you’ve got two people to deal with!"

Another added: "Vinny is thick ffs."

A third tweeted: "This is beyond f***ing ridiculous seriously. Why the hell would Vinny immediately follow Meena without telling anyone given he was clearly already starting to suspect her of murder?"

Emmerdale airs on ITV and is available on ITV Hub.

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