Emmerdale: Jimmy is DUMPED by humiliated Nicola after he confesses to kissing Mandy

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Jimmy King was dumped by his "humiliated" wife Nicola on Tuesday's Emmerdale after he confessed to kissing Mandy Dingle.

Last week, Jimmy (Nick Miles) and Mandy (Lisa Riley) shared a kiss on the court benches during his tense trial week, where he was eventually found not guilty.

Since the secret smooch, Jimmy and Mandy, who appeared to let slip that she had "feelings" on Friday, have been left feeling guilty over their embrace.

And on Tuesday's episode of Emmerdale, Jimmy decided to confess that he had kissed Mandy during a romantic date with Nicola as they tried to spice up their relationship after vowing to work on their marriage.

Jimmy said: "I can't keep lying to you, you wanted to know why I don't deserve you? It's because I kissed another woman."

Later on the episode, after revealing it was Mandy, Nicola admitted she was "humiliated" over the betrayal as she asked Jimmy to explain why he decided to tell her about the kiss.

Jimmy said: "Because I wanted you to know the truth…"

To which Nicola replied: "You can hear mine… you're selfish, you're stupid and you're cruel. You were right, you don't deserve me, you never did, we're done, Jimmy.

"Nothing you can say can make me change my mind, so don't even try, shut the door on the way out, just go, will you?"

Viewers were left stunned over the scenes as they didn't expect Jimmy to confess to the kiss, especially during a romantic date with Nicola, as they shared their sympathies for her.

One person said: "Poor Nicola [heart broken emoji] #Emmerdale"

A different viewer put: "I mean, how did Jimmy think Nicola would react? That she’d be grateful for his confession?! He doesn’t know her at all! #Emmerdale."

Another follower commented: "Omg jimmy actually told her #Emmerdale."

While a different account added: "Great way to spoil a nice date Jimmy #Emmerdale."

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Jimmy and Nicola had only recently decided to work on their marriage after she previously told him that it "wasn't working" and that they can't continue to "stick plasters" on their relationship.

However, the two characters soon had a change in heart where they vowed to try and make their marriage work, with Jimmy saying: "You and me together, come on? There's not a force in the world that can stop that."

Is their marriage now over for good?

Emmerdale continues on weeknights at 7pm on ITV.

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