Emmerdale spoilers – Amelia paternity bombshell, Chas exposed and Faith farewell

Emotions are running high in ITV's Emmerdale as things are about to take a rather unexpected turn for some of the village residents.

Emmerdale spoilers reveal that Noah Dingle and Amelia Spencer are in good spirits when they attend their first baby scan together.

But their happiness is short-lived when Dan Spencer finds out about Amelia's unborn child.

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Will the family be able to settle their differences?

Elsewhere, Chas Dingle and Al Chapman are left stunned when Chas' cousin Belle finds out about their sordid affair. But will Belle keep their dirty little secret away from Paddy?

Meanwhile Faith Dingle throws a party that which could be her last.

Amelia paternity bombshell

Amelia feels strengthened when a hesitant Noah asks if he can accompany her to her scan.

Later on while at the Hospital, Amelia stares in awe and relief as the sonographer shows her the scan of her unborn baby.

Sharing the warm and touching moment together, the two are a picture of a happy couple.

Noah and Amelia’s relationship suddenly blossoms after the scan but as the pair share a passionate kiss, onlooker Harriet is shocked when she sees them embrace in the distance.

The following day, Dan and Harriet over-compensate when Amelia receives disappointing exam results.

While alone, Harriet tells Dan the truth about Noah and Amelia's relationship which leaves him completely shocked.

Elsewhere at the graveyard, Sam lays flowers on Alice's grave as Lydia respectfully watches on, but as they have a peaceful moment, they're both left feeling curious when they hear shouting in the distance.

But as tensions continue to rise, and more people start arriving at the scene, everyone is surprised to find out about Amelia's unplanned pregnancy and Bob has to physically restrain Dan from attacking Noah.

Chas and Al exposed

At a hotel, post-coital Chas and Al share a tender moment together and it soon becomes clear that their entanglement is becoming very emotional as well as physical.

Once they leave the complex, Belle, who also visited the hotel was stunned to witness Al and Chas passionately kiss.

The next day, Chas and Al are mortified when Belle confronts them and reveals that she saw them at the hotel and knows about their sordid affair.

Chas is horrified by the revelation but will she be able to convince Belle not to tell her husband Paddy about her secret affair.

Faith farewell

As soon as Faith’s palliative care nurse tells her that the important thing to focus on is dying without regrets, Faith's left pondering and in deep thought.

Pollard reassures Faith that her to-do list is a brilliant idea and they both feel emotional about what lies ahead for her.

Later on when Faith begins to struggle on a country walk with Chas, Chas is saddened to see another painful reminder of her mum’s deteriorating health.

But good old Faith begins to perk up when she sees a farmer nearby and flags him down to rescue them.

Further on in the week, Chas is taken aback when Faith requests a party before it’s too late.

Both are left to think when Faith implores Chas to not make the same mistakes she has in her own life.

Reluctant to attend Faith’s last party for fear of how upsetting he’ll find it, Cain’s left awkward about how to behave and guilty over his selfishness when Moira confirms that he’ll be there at Faith's last ever big do.

At the Woolpack, the night kicks off with a slight awkwardness as Faith begins her speech to people arriving but soon everyone relaxes when she begins to belt out her karaoke tune.

The party is in full swing with attendees enjoying the proceedings, but suddenly, everyone begins to panic when Faith collapses unexpectedly at the bar.

Later on at the hospital, Paddy and Chas await news on Faith's health.

Upset, Chas takes her frustration out on Paddy once again leaving him at a loss and confused by the whole ordeal.

The pair are left worried when a nurse arrives to take them to see a bewildered Faith. They are distressed to see Faith in such a state when she claims she can't see properly.

Will Faith make it through the night?


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