Emmerdales Lydia Dingle to exit as she suffers heartbreaking rejection from family?

Emmerdale: Charity gives Lydia money to pay off Paul's debt

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Lydia (played by Karen Blick) has been taking a back seat from the drama on Emmerdale of late, with her loved ones taking centre stage over the past couple of months. In fact, she hasn’t made many appearances on the ITV soap recently but in next week’s instalments, she makes her return, which will be welcome news to fans. However, when she has an altercation with another member of the Dingle clan, it seems she could be heading for pastures new.

The drama begins when Liv Flaherty suffers a relapse and starts drinking alcohol again following an argument with her brother, Aaron Dingle (Danny Miller).

Over the past year, the youngster hasn’t had the best of times, what with her feud with villain Paul Ashdale (Reece Dinsdale) resulting in his death.

Someone else who was also caught up in the deceased’s dodgy deeds was Lydia and the months after his death saw her lumbered with the villain’s debt.

With this in mind, both of the women should be supporting one another given their shared experiences with the crooked gambler.

Unfortunately, when they bump into each other following the youngster turning back to the bottle, it is not a happy affair.

When Lydia encounters a drunken Liv outside the HOP, she is left shocked and disturbed by the person she sees in front of her.

It is unlikely the alcoholic will be willing to accept her family member’s help and will fight off any support Lydia is willing to give.

Without realising, Liv could have sparked a heartbreaking chain of events as she might not know Sam Dingle’s (James Hotton) wife has been feeling rejected from most of the iconic clan.

No longer feeling part of the Dingle empire, the beloved character could have seen helping the troubled youngster as her last hope.

However, with Liv rejecting her too, she could decide she has had enough of feeling like a spare part and reconsider what her future looks like in the village.

There are no guarantees

Karen Blick

Lydia has gone through so much during her time on the show, in which her husband Sam has supported her through everything.

Unfortunately, recent months could have put a huge strain on their marriage but neither of them could be willing to end it.

Discussing her encounter with Liv with Sam, the beloved character could explain how hurt and lonely she is feeling at the moment.

Not realising how naïve he has been to his wife’s feelings, Sam could agree to work harder to improve their marriage.

It could be a case of too little too late and instead of ending things completely, Lydia could suggest they take a break.

With Liv’s rejection playing heavy in her mind and feeling she can do no more to help any member of the Dingle family, the beloved character could tell her husband she is going to stay with her sister.

In recent years, Lydia discovered she had a sister after her mother had given her away at the age of five because she had taken ill.

Although the relationship with her sibling is strained, the beloved character could think she has more chance of working on something with her sister than her own family in the village.

This would be a heartbreaking exit for Lydia but it might not be permanent as the door would be left open for her to return in the future.

However, if she decides life away from the village is better for her, will she inform Sam via a divorce settlement she is never coming back?

The actress who plays Lydia, Karen, spoke earlier this year about whether she would ever make an exit from the show.

She told Express.co.uk and other press: “There are no guarantees with this job, we all know that you never know when your time is up.

“In this show, I would love to stay as long as they’re happy to have me. As I say, I’m a Yorkshire woman, local to where I live.

“And I mentioned this previously, it is a dream job so yes, I’m happy to stay for as long as viewers are happy to have Lydia.

“I absolutely love it, it’s amazing, it’s a fantastic opportunity,” she continued.

“There’s always something going on, there’s always a scam or there’s some scandal, or there’s some drama,” the soap star said.

It’s fair to say the beloved villager has been at the centre of an incredible amount of storylines during her five years on the show.

However, scriptwriters could feel they’ve exhausted all avenues they can with Lydia at the moment and this could allow for her exit.

Karen added: “There are so many Dingles that if something affects one of their lives or their story, then we’re all involved in some way.”

So with this comment, could the actress return in the future whether the character exits soon or in years to come?

Emmerdale airs weekdays at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode airing on Thursdays at 8pm.

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