Gogglebox star Mary forced to quit booze three years ago after 'vomiting for five days'

GOGGLEBOX star Mary Killen has revealed that she was forced to quit booze three years ago after a bout of severe food poisoning.

The Channel 4 regular suffered from Campylobacteriosis, which she believed she got from eating "grubby" vegetables.

Mary's symptoms were so severe that she was left vomiting and suffering with diarrhoea for five days.

Despite taking medication to ease her symptoms, Mary said her bout with food poisoning has left her unable to enjoy alcohol ever since.

The author explained that she had such a bad reaction to even the smell of wine makes her "recoil" and she can't drink anything more than a lemonade nowadays.

Mary told MailOnline: "Immediately afterward, I found I couldn’t face alcohol. I remember going to a house party on the Isle of Mull a short time later.

"All sorts of wonderful wines were being served and I couldn’t touch any of them."

The writer added: "It made me recoil — reminding me of when I was pregnant with our two daughters, both of whom are now in their 20s.

"It has completely lost its appeal. I don’t even like the smell of it… I don’t know if it was physiological or psychological, but I couldn't face it".

According to WebMD, Campylobacteriosis "is an infection caused by bacteria you can get from contaminated food and water."

Common symptoms of Campylobacter food poisoning include diarrhoea, vomiting, nausea, bloating, cramps, and fever.

Mary joined Gogglebox in 2015 for the fifth series alongside her husband Giles Wood and have been an integral part of the much-loved Channel 4 show ever since.

Before their Gogglebox debut, Giles dedicated his life to art and is an acclaimed artist, while Mary is a journalist whose columns feature in a number of different publications.

Fans have fallen in love with their quirky views, eccentric style choices and their adorable nicknames for each other.

They can regularly be heard on-screen referring to each other as 'Nutty' during Gogglebox episodes.

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