Graham Norton confirms Eurovision 2021 will go ahead despite coronavirus pandemic as show is 'prepared'

Graham Norton has confirmed Eurovision will go ahead this year despite much of the world still struggling to control coronavirus.

The Virgin Radio star explained that acts that aren't able to travel for the competition will be allowed to perform via video calling app Zoom.

Graham, 57, famously known for his waspish commentary on the Eurovision Song Contest, told Sirius XM radio: "There's definitely going to be a Eurovision this year, the competition element is going to happen.

"I think they're ready for any eventuality. If some countries can't travel, they can Zoom in a performance. I doubt we'll be in a stadium full of 20,000 people."

"I feel like the minute we can [get back to normal], people will leave their houses in droves. And Eurovision, it's a joyous thing."

It has already been revealed that this year's Eurovision Song Contest will take place in Rotterdam.

The Dutch city was supposed to welcome the event in 2020 but had to cancel due to the pandemic. 

According to streaming data Eurovision 2020 would have ended on a draw and a major high for the UK.

Eurovision fans had a chance to listen to last year's songs via streaming services such as Spotify, and Digital Spy analysed its performance data to try and gauge which country would have won if things had gone to plan.

The data suggested it would have been a draw between Italy and Iceland, with both countries achieving a popularity score of 71 out of 100.

And last year's entrant, James Newman, with his track My Last Breath would have finished in 10th place having achieved a popularity score of 57 on Spotify.

That would not only have wiped the floor with our 2019 entry but would have been the UK's highest place finish since 2009 when we were represented by Jade Ewan.

Meanwhile, one noughties pop star is raring to compete in the Eurovision this year – Samantha Mumba.

The Gotta Tell You singer, above, has launched her comeback and is now keen to represent her native Ireland, which fans have been begging her to do for years.

In an exclusive chat with The Sun, Sam, who is back with two singles, Cool and Process, now lives in Los Angeles, said: "I have never been approached. Would I be up for it? Absolutely. It would be amazing. Yes. It's the campest, funnest thing ever. I would be there with bells on."

As for competing for the UK instead of Ireland, she added: "I'd be disowned. I don't think I could. But at the same time, they haven't asked me. As tempting as it would be, just to be petty … but no."

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