Happy Valley star resisted auditioning for terrifying role

Happy Valley's Amit Shah says he was 'terrified' to audition

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The third and final series of Happy Valley wraps up on Sunday, so fans are hoping all questions will be answered as they await the final, nail-biting twists. Faisal Bhatti was introduced in the current series as the troubled pharmacist-turned-murderer, and actor Amit Shah made a surprising revelation about taking on the role as he appeared on ITV’s Lorraine on Friday.

Faisal was introduced as a pharmacist who had become involved with some dodgy local crime.

The unlikely criminal had been threatened by the gangsters he’d worked alongside as they demanded more money from him.

Domestic abuse victim Joanna Hepworth (played Mollie Winnard) ended up being the tragic casualty of Faisal’s anger.

In a fit of rage, he ended up battering her to death with a rolling pin.

Appearing on the ITV chat show, Amit admitted he had had doubts about joining the popular series.

Presenter Lorraine Kelly commented: “As an actor though, when you get that script from Sally Wainwright and you read that…

“I mean, it must just be a joy, because it makes your job that wee bit easier when you’ve got that to work with.”

“Yeah, it’s a beautiful blueprint and everything’s all there, it’s all beautifully detailed,” the actor confirmed.

He confessed: “When I first read it, I resisted going in for the audition. I was terrified.

“I didn’t want to do the accent. I was terrified about how complicated this character was and the size of the show.

“But then my agent – because I hadn’t seen any of the previous series – said, ‘Go home, watch an episode.’

“12 hours later I’d binged [series] one and two.”

Lorraine responded: “Yeah, I know what you mean, you have to!”

Amit isn’t the only actor from the series to have praised writer Sally’s descriptive scripts recently.

Appearing last weekend on Sunday Brunch, Mark Stanley, who depicts abusive husband Rob Hepworth, credited the series’ success to the writing.

He explained: “I only watched the first two leading up to my first day of shoot – the first two series.

“And you just get so into it. Sally [Wainwright’s] got such an amazing way of sort of weaving amongst the drama. She’s got a way of weaving this northern humour and irony.”

Simon noted: “The conversations outside of the story, if you like, are the ones that really pull it together, I think.

“You know, when they’re just having a normal conversation, you really are there – it’s incredibly well-written.”

“Yeah, and everything is on the page,” Mark revealed. “Like every stop, pause, interjection, it’s all there.”

“And is it true Sally doesn’t like things improvised?” Tim asked. “Is that true or is that just a myth?”

Mark explained: “It depends, if it’s justified then it’s okay, but… you don’t need to. You don’t need to have stuff added.”

Happy Valley concludes on Sunday at 9pm on BBC One.

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