Have to leave the room Great British Sewing Bee fans horrified by creepy costume

Great British Sewing Bee: Judges rate Christian's clown costume

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The Great British Sewing Bee stars were tasked this week with creating three separate children’s outfits, with the final one being a Halloween costume. Cristian decided to go for humour rather than horror by designing a clown outfit, however, BBC viewers were left frightened by the costume, with several taking to social media to say the outfit was too “creepy,” while another admitted they had to “leave the room.”

The contestants were told by host Sara Pascoe: “The judges would like you to make a Halloween costume for a nine-year-old – as if children weren’t scary enough.”

She added: “They would also love you to include a 3D element – the spookier, the better.”

The contestants were given four hours for the challenge.

Rather than aiming for scariness though, Cristian admitted he was going for fun.

“Today we are making a clown,” he announced. “A funny clown, so not a spooky one.

“Inspired by my first ever Halloween costume, my mum actually made this for me.”

The multi-coloured outfit featured oversized organza cuffs and a hula hoop stitched inside to give the waist a rounded look.

As he began to piece together the costume, viewers quickly expressed their fear of clowns.

Twitter user Roz  wrote: “Clowns are not fun, they’re serial killers  #sewingbee.”

Gavin Evans penned: “Oh god a clown outfit, hate clowns  #SewingBee.”

“All clowns are evil #GreatBritishSewingBee #SewingBee,” @The_Retro_Rose added.

@minieggsxjesus asked: “Is there actually a difference between funny clowns and scary clowns? Cus all clowns are just creepy #sewingbee.”

@TheVintageYear confessed: “I feel my coulrophobia coming on. Might have to leave the room. I’d take a bat over a clown any day. #SewingBee.”

@faith_less_one commented: “That poor clown child… #SewingBee.”

When it was time for the costumed to be judged, Cristian’s impressed the experts.

Fashion designer Patrick Grant clearly wasn’t afraid of clowns.

“Who knew clowns were so funny?” he asked. “It just makes me laugh and smile looking at him.”

Esme Young remarked: “You’ve put the hula hoop in the middle to make it 3D, it really, really works.”

“Thank you,” Cristian replied, as Patrick continued: “It just looks like it moves really easily, it just makes it really entertaining.”

Debra ended up winning garment of the week once again, while sadly it was time for Marni to leave.

The Great British Sewing Bee continues on Wednesday from 9pm on BBC One.

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