Hollyoaks fans fume as Damon gets revenge on Sienna by sabotaging her career

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Hollyoaks fans have hit out at Damon Kinsella after he ruined Sienna Blake’s teaching career to get back at her for postponing Brody’s wake.

On Thursday night viewers watched Sienna attempt to pick herself up and recover from her terrible day at work after she was fired from her job at Hollyoaks High.

Tensions rose throughout the episode as Damon showcased his determination to battle against the brunette beauty for her share of the boathouse which Brody left to her in his will.

After Brody passed away in Sienna’s arms last week, the loving mum has continued to blame herself for the death of her late lover.

And viewers soon hit out at the northern hunk for his heartless ways online as fans took to Twitter to share their thoughts online.

One user wrote: “Damon really is unbelievable, all this cos Sienna walked away with half a business thanks to Brody’s will & all he got was some footie memorabilia seriously?

“Especially when he was literally the on pushing Brody to give her another chance in the first place? #Hollyoaks.”

Another added: “Where’s the ‘Sorry I f***ed up your teaching career, Sienna’ Damon?! #Hollyoaks.”

A third chimed in with: “I understand Damon is hurting but he’s being a complete tool towards Sienna #Hollyoaks.”

Elsewhere, another user penned: “Someone needs to punch that p***k Damon out of #Hollyoaks, grieving is no excuse for being a c**t.”

Meanwhile, a fan of the show wrote: “I wish Sienna realised how much she is actually worth #Hollyoaks.”

Another user shared: “@Hollyoaks Damon your going too far Sienna deserves better then this #Hollyoaks.”

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