Homes under the Hammer's Martin Roberts mortified as he accidentally walks into wrong house

HOMES under the Hammer's Martin Roberts was left mortified as he accidentally walked into the wrong house.

The host was viewing a four bedroomed property in North Wales when he accidentally stumbled across another home.

Walking up to the grand house, Martin, 57, asked viewers: "What do you have to pay for a house with views over this stunning part of the North Wales coastline?

"In the millions do you reckon? £58,000, just £58,000 was a guide price for this, four bedrooms – it’s looks incredible."

But as he entered the property, his enthusiasm was tinged with caution.

"With that kind of money your expectations have got to be set fairly low," he went on.

"And yet you come in through the front door and there’s this little entrance area, and then…wow!

"Really, really impressive lobby/entrance area.

"Wow, really nice sized front living room, some nice features going on."

But as the BBC presenter continued his tour around the property, he asked: "Am I missing something?"

And as he looked over the upstairs of the property, he went on: "Then you go down this little corridor here to another door…"

Turning back to the camera, he asked: "What’s this all about?"

The property expert then made a hasty retreat and revealed: "Um, right. I think that’s another house – better move swiftly on.

"Believe it or not, it’s a door to an adjoining property – that’s a new one for me!"

The mystery of the adjoining property was later revealed as Martin chatted to the new buyers – Kerry and Neil.

Neil told the host: "It was on the cards we were going to get someplace eventually for a pension fund, we would get a place to rent out.

"Our mortgage ended last year so that was the time and this happened to come along at the right moment."

They then went on to explain they'd picked up an extra buy at the auction.

Martin exclaimed: "So you bought this house and the house next door in the same auction?"

Kerry added: "They had a door between them, so…!"

The couple paid £66,000 for the original property and £54,000 for the adjoining house.

Homes Under the Hammer airs weekdays at 10am on BBC One.

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