Insulate Britain warning: Brits brace as activists confirm more blockades coming

Insulate Britain: Brits brace as activists announce more action

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The Insulate Britain representative revealed that climate protesters would attempt to block major roads again, saying “we’re carrying on”. The Met Police said 38 people have been arrested in connection with Insulate Britain protests Monday, which have seen routes at Hanger Lane, Wandsworth Bridge, and Arnos Grove blocked. Blackwall Tunnel also remains shut after Insulate Britain activists rushed in front of traffic to stop cars.

Speaking on GB News, the host asked Insulate Britain spokesperson: “Craig are you going to continue?

“I mean, are we set to have more protesting today and more upheaval?

“It’s a Monday morning. It’s sort of about this time that we usually hear that the activists are there on the motorway.”

Craig Scudder replied: “Yes we are carrying on.


“There is disruption today and I’ll apologise for that.

“But we are carrying on until the government issues a meaningful statement that they’re going to address this issue. 

“As I say we’re creating jobs, we’re stopping people dying, we’re taking people out and fuel poverty.

“It really is just a win-win-win.

“And it’s the cheapest way of getting all our missions down.”

He later told Sky News that Insulate Britain protesters felt they had “no option but to take this action”. 

He said: “I haven’t been forced here by government inaction. We’ve come up with a cohesive plan for them to hit their own legally binding target to get to net-zero by 2050. 

“It is the cheapest way of them reducing carbon emissions by 15 percent.


“It’s going to save 95 people dying every day from fuel poverty.”

A group of demonstrators sat down on the northbound A102 and glued themselves to the tunnel this morning from 8am.

In footage shared on social media, angry motorists were seen pulling these activists out of the way.

One of them said: “Just drive through them!”

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