Is Project Runway Revamp a Winner? Did Streep Live Up to Big Hype? Nip and Tuck for Press Your Luck? And More Qs

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Big Little Lies, The Bold Type, Animal Kingdom and Project Runway!

1 | In Designated Survivor Episode 9, wouldn’t Tom or Sasha themselves have wondered — as soon as the campaign stop was moved from Manhattan to Houston — if that was still a good venue for her to introduce him?

2 | Regarding the Tony Awards’ opening number: Can we please stop pitting mediums against each other already? (TV is great. Meryl Streep agrees!) Also, wasn’t “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” an odd song choice for the In Memoriam segment? And how loudly did you groan at Bryan Cranston’s “not in a #MeToo way” joke during his acceptance speech?

3 | Was Meryl Streep’s Big Little Lies debut everything you hoped it would be and more? Should we assume that Mary Louise is sleeping on the floor outside of Celeste’s bedroom, given how quickly she is able to be at her daughter-in-law’s side during one of her nightmares? And is it possible that the opening title sequence is even more perfect in Season 2?

4 | What was TNT thinking, scheduling the new season of Claws right up against the return of Big Little Lies?

5 | As lovely as it was that The Bold Type‘s Sutton used real people for her fashion show, wasn’t her collection kinda terrible for an aspiring designer? (The Project Runway judges would have eviscerated it.)

6 | If ABC’s Press Your Luck revival gets renewed, can they please revisit the endddless bonus round so that the hour can cover two 30-minute games?

7 | Are you finding The Bachelorette‘s Luke P. storyline entertaining, or just plain exhausting?

8 | Is Blood & Treasure‘s John Larroquette simply playing his character from The Librarians? Also, has any TV show ever said the word “antiquities” more often?

9 | We probably should’ve guessed that Pose‘s Elektra wouldn’t play nice with House Evangelista for long, right? And has the show totally dropped the Stan/Patty storyline for Season 2?

10 | We get that Animal Kingdom‘s Mia is a fearless killer and all, but wouldn’t even a fearless killer think twice about shooting a guy dead in broad daylight in a residential neighborhood (no matter how bad an area she knew it to be)?

11 | With the Jeff Franklin and Lori Loughlin controversies hovering over Fuller House, should the revival even bother trying to come up with a satisfying series finale? Or should the Powers That Be waive a white flag and do something extremely meta, a la Two and a Half Men?

12 | Do we have this right? Syfy ordered a spinoff of a Krypton character we haven’t met yet, while DC Universe cancelled Swamp Thing after one well-received episode?

13 | Did any other Jane the Virgin viewers think that drunken Petra was going to hit on Krishna? And are we to assume that Rafael never saw Julie’s Instagram story? (Wouldn’t he have been upset that she dissed the mother of his child?)

14 |As much as we appreciate the Card Sharks revival’s callback to one of the retro logos, can we agree that that font is simply not legible when used for questions or to ID friends in the audience? Also, do you miss the podiums actually displaying the guesses/results?

15 | Didn’t it seem like much of the First Responders Live premiere wasn’t, um, live? And was it absolutely necessary to show viewers a speeding car hitting a man on an ATV not once, but twice?

16 | Now that Project Runway has wrapped its season, would you say that the little tweaks made to its format and lineup of judges were a refreshing change? (We particularly liked Christian Siriano as the contestants’ mentor.)

17 | Isn’t it pretty obvious that The Banana Splits will in fact save the day?

18 | Are you surprised that late-night hosts didn’t have a field day with Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ resignation as White House Press Secretary?

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