Is 'Sweet Tooth' Based on a Book?

Netflix added another hit thriller fantasy show to its lineup on June 4 with the premiere of Sweet Tooth. When the show debuted, it began trending as the streaming giant’s most-watched TV show in a few days. The show revolves around a deer hybrid child living in a post-apocalyptic world.

A series about a deadly virus rampaging the planet might not sound like escapism given the current situation. Nevertheless, Sweet Tooth offers some fantastical elements to draw viewers in. But is the show based on a book? And just how much of it is reimagined for the small-screen? Find out.

The show is based on a comic book

According to Newsweek, the Netflix show is based on a comic book of the same name written by Jeff Lemire. Lemire is famous for his work on Green Arrow and All-New Hawkeye. The first book in the Sweet Tooth series was published in September 2009. The original series concluded in January 2013 after running for 40 issues. Lemire began publication of the sequel ‘The Return’ in November 2020.

Although Sweet Tooth has much of its foundation from a comic book, a few changes had to be made to it for the small-screen. For starters, the show is more of a fairy tale, unlike the comic book version, which is pure horror. Another distinction is that Gus’ father Pubba is seen as a caring and loving father who gave Gus his early beginnings.

However, had the showrunners decided to stick to the comic book, we would have seen a much darker version of Pubba, who enjoyed copying scriptures that involved punishing sinners. Also, in the show, Dr. Singh is humanized when viewers learn that his reason for experimenting with hybrid babies is to save his wife, who suffers from the virus. However, in the comics, Dr. Singh had selfish reasons for the experiments as he wanted to be regarded as humanity’s savior.

Will there be another season of the hit show?

Sweet Tooth‘s first season was mighty successful, and viewers are anticipating another season. However, the streaming giant hasn’t yet announced any plans for another season. But considering the first season’s success and the availability of more source material to work from, there is a likelihood that Netflix might bring back the show.

The showrunners prepared for possible cancellation by writing a conclusive ending that would allow the first season to stand alone. They said that they “structured the whole season around the ending—and it stayed exactly the same.”

The new Netflix show mirrors reality

Sweet Tooth highlights the events of a post-apocalyptic world after a virus pandemic called the Great Crumble kills many people and leads to the emergence of hybrid babies who are half-human and half-animal. Due to the uncertainty of what caused the virus, humans begin hunting the hybrid babies as they believe they caused the pandemic.

At the center of the story is a half deer hybrid named Gus who lives with his father until his death when the child was only 9. Gus discovers a box his father hid beneath a tree which contains a picture of a woman who the boy believes to be his mother. The photograph has the word ‘Colorado’ on it. Before leaving to find his mother, Gus lights a fire that alerts hunters nearby who try to kill him for sport.

They are taken aback when he speaks but are killed by Tommy Jepperd. Jepperd tries to leave Gus behind, but the boy follows him and insists that the lone traveler take him to Colorado to see his mother. Jepperd at first resists but ends up taking on the child and protecting him as the latter refuses to leave him alone. Tommy and Gus foster a close bond, and he nicknames Gus Sweet Tooth because of his love for candies.

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