‘Its inhumane Denise Welch rages over 18 months of fear-mongering and double standards

GB News: Denise Welch discusses Covid ‘fear-mongering’

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Speaking to Alastair Stewart on his GB News show, Alastair Stewart & Friends, the Loose Women panellist explained she was tired of seeing fans pack out Wembley Stadium for the Euros while many are still unable to have visitors in hospital. She explained she feels the country is in “crisis” as many struggle with their mental health after 18 months of lockdown and “double standards” from those in power.

Stewart asked: “Do you think it’s actually worse right now or it’s as it was five years ago and it will be in five years time?”

“It’s interesting because an expression you used before,” Welch replied. “I have a lot of skin in the game as someone who you said suffers from clinical depression or now they call it major depressive disorder and I am a recovering alcoholic.

“But Alastair, at the moment, there is a general malaise across the United Kingdom and possibly the world but I’m talking about where we are right now, which is a very low level depression.

“Not clinical depression, there is a difference between mental illness and mental health issues. But one can tip into the other.

“I am able to talk to you now because I haven’t had a major depressive episode since 2019, since September 2019.

“But at the moment, I am struggling with my general mental health as many people are because I am so angry.

“I am angry at the double standards, at the continuing fear-mongering, bearing in mind fear depletes the immune system.

“The one thing we need to survive coronavirus, one of the many things we need to survive coronavirus, and we have had 18 months of constant fear-mongering with no let up.”

Welch continued: “When there were times for let ups last year, deaths became cases, and it’s constant.

“‘We are getting out, it’s Freedom Day it’s not Freedom Day,’ and at the moment, we the nation have to sit and watch 60,000 people outside at Wembley while some people on the television tell us we shouldn’t be opening up on the 19th while they sit there with everybody else while people like myself with my dad in hospital for 14 weeks, are told visiting has been stopped again.

“I don’t know if anyone saw Deborah James, Bowel Babe, the wonderful radio presenter who has had stage four cancer for years, crying on her Instagram Stories last night, begging the hospital to let her mum visit her to hold her hand and they said no.

“It is inhumane and people are seeing through the cracks that people like me have lived through for a year. I have seen the double standards, I’ve seen the duplicity, I’ve seen the lies.

“I’ve seen it since the bridges last year. I feel I am about to spontaneously combust.

“I don’t know where these polls are that they seem to do with people. Every single person who contacts me because they use me as a vessel to talk because I’m very open, doctors, nurses, use me as a vessel and they have done for the past year.

“We are in a massive crisis and that’s a longwinded answer to your question.”

Stewart replied: “I thought you were going to internally combust and thought, ‘It’s a good thing she has stone walls behind her.’ I wanted to hear that because what I asked you to bear witness to.”

Many of those watching took to Twitter to comment on Welch’s appearance with some agreeing. One posted: “Well said mate.”

However others disagreed with another tweeting: “I’m sorry about her experiences with her own mental health, but don’t say we are in a massive crisis, some people are but not all of ours.”

Alastair Stewart & Friends airs Saturday on GB News at 3pm.

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