Jane McDonald shares familys touching tribute to late fiancé

Jane McDonald reveals name of her niece's baby

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Speaking on Tuesday’s Loose Women, the singer and television presenter told the panel she was doing “much better” and detailed the ways in which her fans, friends and family have helped her as she overcomes her grief. Detailing a particularly touching gesture, the 59-year-old shared the “emotional” way in which her niece paid tribute to Ed.

Recalling her last appearance on the ITV chat show, Jane explained: “Yeah, I’m doing so much better.

“And you realise just how important your family and your friends are.

“And I have more good days now than bad days, and I relish those now.

“I was very lucky as well that I always had a very busy life without the partner.

“So I’ve been able to just carry on and my fans which is incredible. They got me through so much, so I’m very grateful.”

“That must have been quite hard, the first gig that you did after?” Ruth Langsford remarked.

“I was a mess,” Jane admitted. “I was a mess, but they just got me through it.”

“They’ve always been like that haven’t they, your fans?” Carol McGiffin commented.

She added: “They’re always there. They’re like your family.”

“They are, they are,” the TV presenter replied. “And that’s what I mean, you can find love in so many different ways.

“You know, it can be a pet, it can be your fans, it can be your family or your friends.

“And when you lose a lot of love… I mean I lost my mum and Ed, I used to think, ‘I’m never going to fill that hole again.’

“But you do, and it comes from other places and that’s why you’ve got to let the light in.”

As the audience clapped in admiration, Ruth added: “And you have a light in your life, a new man – a cute new man!”

“Yeah, he’s just so beautiful,” Jane swooned. “I can’t believe it. My niece Katie has had a little baby boy and they’ve called him Ed.

“And he’s so gorgeous! I didn’t know you could feel that love.”

“Well, we’ve been telling you for years, you keep going, ‘No, don’t talk about kids,'” Coleen Nolan responded.

“I know, I know,” Jane stated. “But I’m loving it and relishing it and spending time with Katie and my family.”

She added: “It’s been lovely to spend time with them.”

“That must have been very emotional as well, when they told you they were calling him Ed,” Ruth sympathised.

“Yeah, it was,” Jane revealed. “And just a credit to how much they thought about him.”

Loose Women airs weekdays from 12.30pm on ITV.

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