Jane the Virgin Recap: Was That 'Jafael' Twist Something to Sing About?

Jane the Virgin took a musical turn on Wednesday with an ode to love— particularly the love between Jane and Rafael.

When the episode begins, the exes are getting along well, and Raf is even helping Jane find an apartment. Then they run into the new gal he’s dating: the impossibly pretty Julie (played by Chicago P.D./One Tree Hill vet Sophia Bush). Naturally, Jane spirals and starts stalking her Instagram. While Petra stops Jane from clicking on Julie’s stories and exposing her bad behavior, she can’t prevent Jane from using Xo’s phone to check Julie’s feed. And what Jane finds is not great: a photo of a koala gripping a leg with a caption about her new guy’s ex being a clinger.

Jane wants to confront Raf, but Petra convinces her friend to be the bigger person. So when Julie asks Jane if there’s something going on between her and Rafael, Jane assures her that they’re just co-parents, and that Raf really likes her. Except he doesn’t, he confesses to Jane. Among his reasons for not being into Julie: She uses too many emojis. Jane instructs him to make a list of the qualities he’s looking for in a woman and urges him to give Julie another chance. But all the list does is convince him she’s not The One.

“There was one deal-breaker with Julie I couldn’t get past: love,” he says. “She’s not you, Jane. I love you. I tried to stop, but I can’t, and I don’t want to anymore.”

As the two kiss, the trees start singing the tune from Mateo’s school musical — “Everything needs love to grow!” — before the entire cast launches into a full-blown song-and-dance number. (“I can’t believe I’m still alive!” Milos croons.)

Elsewhere in the episode:

* Petra discovers that JR has made her social media private, and what’s more, there’s a new woman in her profile icon! So Jane and Petra go out on the town to see what’s out there. The pickings are slim, but boy, is it a treat to watch Petra play the field.

* Say it isn’t so: Krishna is working with Milos to take down Petra!

* After Mateo has a meltdown during the musical, Jane and Rafael decide that it’s time to put him on ADHD medication.

* Rogelio hires a bodyguard to protect him against River’s wrath. But when River and the big guy hit it off, it’s revealed that it was all a set-up: Rogelio went to Darcy to find the perfect man for River so she would have someone new to obsess about. And the plan worked like a charm!

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