January 6 Committee Members Reveal We May Have More Hearings After Thursdays Primetime Presentation

Two members of the House committee investigating the January 6 attack on the U.S. capitol indicated this morning that there may be more televised hearings yet to come.

Last week, Committee Chair Rep. Bennie Thompson had declined to say whether the upcoming primetime session on Thursday would be the committee’s final hearing, but told NBC News it would be “the last one — at this point.”

Today on CBS’s Face the Nation committee member Rep. Adam Kinzinger told host Margaret Brennan, “This investigation is not winding down. We may be towards the end of this tranche of hearings, [but] we may have more hearings in the future and the investigation is still ongoing.”

On ABC’s This Week, committee member Rep. Zoe Lofgren told host Martha Radditz that “This investigation is very much ongoing.

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Echoing other comments by Kinzinger she continued, “The fact that this series of hearings is going to be concluded Thursday doesn’t mean that our investigation is over. It’s very active. New witnesses are coming forward. Additional information is coming forward. There are things that we are looking at still.”

Both Reps emphasized that, at the very least, there could be another hearing in the fall when their report detailing the committee’s findings is released.

Asked if the investigation would be over by the November midterm elections, Rep. Lofgren said, “I can’t say for sure. It depends on what comes in, Frankly, if the president’s supporters had not engaged in frivolous litigation for months on end, we would be farther along.

Late Friday, the news broke that a number of Secret Service text messages sent on January 5th and 6th had been erased shortly after all such messages were subpoenaed by the committee. On Friday, the committee specifically subpoenaed any deleted messages.

“We expect to get them by this Tuesday,” said Rep. Lofgren this morning. Such texts could, of course, help the committee lay out the January 6 timeline, which is its stated intention for Thursday’s primetime conclave.

Both Reps indicated today that the committee is still working out whether the committee would interview former Vice President Mike Pence or his onetime boss, Donald Trump.

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