Jon Richardson details ‘cultural shift’ of Comedy Central’s Channel Hopping

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Jon Richardson is no stranger to the small screen and last year Channel Hopping debuted on Comedy Central and provided some light comedic relief during lockdown. In an exclusive interview with, Jon discussed why the series is a “timeless format” and how conversations over what audiences consume in this day and age have impacted the show.

Channel Hopping with Jon Richardson follows the comedian as he analyses talent shows, TV programmes, and popular game shows from all over the world.

The show’s aim is to understand what international audiences consume on a daily basis.

Jon takes on the funniest and strangest TV the world has to offer, including soap operas and bizarre episodes of reality TV.

The presenter is joined by a different special guest each week for a head-to-head quiz, as well as TV fanatic and Loose Women panellist Judi Love.

As the new series prepares to return very soon, Jon sat down with to discuss the show.

Speaking of why the series works, Jon explained: “It’s just a sort of timeless format, isn’t it?

“You know, celebrating and enjoying TV from around the world and just getting comedians together and giving them something funny to watch and then talk about, it’s like, it shouldn’t be that hard.”

When he accepted the job to host, he revealed it was an easy yes: “So yeah, when the option came up to do it, oh, absolutely. I’ll do that.”

He also explained how things have changed in what viewers consume and what is acceptable in this day and age as conversations have changed in the past few years.

“It [the show] hasn’t actually been done for a long time,” the comedian continued.

“You know, the people that did it are so iconic. Clive James did it and so did Chris Tarrant.

“But actually, they haven’t been for 20 years, and so much telly has been made in those 20 years,” he stated.

Discussing the evolution of audiences’ television consumption, he added: “It’s sort of ludicrous to say because Chris Tarrant showed a Danish advert from 1987 and you wouldn’t show it in 2021.”

“There’s just such a wealth of telly out there now and such a cultural shift in the world of what we think is funny, what we think is inappropriate, and what different countries are up to that sort of renews conversations,” Jon noted.

He added: “There’s things that we wouldn’t do now. I think that’s why I found it interesting.”

Revealing that a lot of thought went into discussing what clips would and wouldn’t be shown, Jon said: “Our sensibilities have changed and we’ve just evolved as people and we don’t exploit people the same way.

“Every now and again, you have to have that conversation.”

The presenter continued: “There’s something to be said for countries that are so culturally different to ours.

“Some countries are so close to us but some of their TV is so different, and the little ways they do things differently are so different. That’s intriguing.”

Jon also stated that viewers have changed so “rapidly” as well due to social media.

As reactions to the show are instant, there is always a threat of a Twitter backlash with anything on screens nowadays.

“If you’re trending on Twitter five minutes into a programme and you’ve got that call wrong, then those debates are instant,” he said.

Channel Hopping With Jon Richardson series two begins Monday, August 2 at 9pm on Comedy Central.

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