Kate Garraway admits she still gets 'lovely Friday buzz' despite husband Derek's health battle

KATE Garraway admitted that she still gets a "lovely Friday buzz", despite her heartache at husband Derek's ongoing health battle.

The 53-year-old star is approaching the grim one-year anniversary of Derek being rushed to hospital with coronavirus.

He has remained in intensive care ever since, and is the UK's longest-surviving Covid inpatient.

But Kate has managed to maintain some normality amid the pain – telling Good Morning Britain co-host Ben Shephard about her love of the weekend.

Showbiz correspondent Richard Arnold kickstarted the conversation, saying: "Apparently 2.52pm on a Friday is when we get that Friday feeling.

"It's weird, isn't it? Mondays do still feel very bleak but people celebrate Fridays and look forward to Fridays.

"The weekend still feels like a weekend, we make an occasion of it."

Kate agreed: "Even though for most of us we're not really doing anything different, people are working from home and just at home, there's still a lovely buzz about a Friday."

Joking about her and her co-stars early morning starts for the show, she continued: "You're talking about 2.52pm, as we have another 2.52 in our lives.

"Shall we try and make the Friday feeling now?"

Much of the morning was then taken up with the hosts and viewers sharing their favourite feel-good songs – with weather presenter Laura Tobin stunning Kate and Ben when she lifted up her leg to play it like a guitar.

She was undeterred by the presenters not recognising what song she was rocking out to as she sang it solo and used her own limb as a prop.

It was some light relief for Kate, who is trying to remain on the bright side amid her husband's plight.

She regularly speaks out about the impact Covid has had on Derek's body – previously admitted it'd been left "ravaged".

Kate's turmoil will be documented in a special one-off ITV documentary called Finding Derek.

The programme will offer an intimate insight into how she is coping as Derek remains seriously ill 12 months on.

She will also meet survivors of the disease and discuss the long-term effects of the virus.

While Derek has beaten Covid, he has been unable to gain consciousness from his induced coma and is still in intensive care.

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