Katie Price accuses ex Kris Boyson of 'using her for fame' and slams Bianca Gascoigne as 'a Z Lister' in online rant

KATIE Price accused her ex Kris Boyson of "using her for fame" and slammed Bianca Gascoigne as "a Z Lister" in an online rant.

The former glamour model, 42, kicked off at a fan who claimed "the public have heard it all before" following a gushing tribute to current boyfriend Carl Woods.

Writing underneath an Instagram post about her interview in OK! magazine, the commenter said: "What she said about Kris in OK… 'I've never had anyone who's like him – he's a man's man. He's got his own job, he's not false or fame hungry.' The public have heard it all before."

However Katie – who split with Kris in December – wrote a lengthy comment explaining why the comment was "wrong".

In a now-deleted post, Katie wrote: "actually my darling your wrong Here is why, yes I said that but guess what I was completely fooled by Kris who set up Pap pictures behind my back, bought me a ring he took back, wouldn't give back my gym equipment he uses to run his business with, wouldn't give back Harvey's log cabin…

"he never stuck up for me, always wanted to be in my tv show wanted to do photo shoots with me yet i refuse, he was very un loyal, introduced me to the main who totally wrecked my house and fly tipped and stole off me and behind my back trying to crack a deal making money behind my back! [sic.]

"Made out he had money but hasn't a pot to piss in I paid for things! He acted as if he was into the kids and total wasn't, then went for a z lister who had been with my exes who is also fame hungry they deserve each other and guess what he us the past and can stay there! [sic.]

"I have my ultimate future my today tomorrow forever and that's my Carl. so go and digest that my darling."

Kris and Bianca had no comment when approached by The Sun Online.

A source close to Katie told us: "She stands by everything she said – she's bored of having to defend herself and wants to focus on the future. Carl is the pinnacle of her happiness."

Katie has since moved on with Carl – and the couple couldn't be happier.

Last week the pair – who have been dating for four months – revealed they had each other's faces tattooed on their arms, as well as his name inked on her twice.

Kris moved on with Bianca Gascoigne in the summer of this year.

This isn't the first time Katie and Bianca have locked horns over her new man.

Bianca, 33, made an Instagram swipe about keeping a "dignified silence" as Katie branded Kris an "angry, nasty man" after their break-up last December.

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