Katie Price is seen on the operating table as a team of cosmetic surgeons work on her face in Turkey

KATIE Price has once again gone under the knife, but this time she's had the extensive surgery filmed.

The 43-year-old star has published a video of herself on the operating table unconscious ahead of a new YouTube video being released tonight.

In the clip, Katie is seen asleep on the table as surgeons surround her and appear to draw on her face.

Katie captioned the clip: "SURGERY VIDEO PART I. TONIGHT AT 6PM!!"

Taken at a clinic in Istanbul, Turkey, the clip showed the surgeons preparing for Katie's operation as she lay on the table underneath a blanket.

Some were delighted to see the inside story of her latest surgery while others worried Katie was promoting surgery too much.

Unlike some stars, Katie has never hidden the multiple amount of times she has undergone the knife.

The star openly admits to her procedures and can often be found working alongside the clinic doing the work publicly.

She has had an endless list of procedures all over her body but her facial ones often concern fans the most.

Katie underwent her first facelift in July 2017, using a London-based plastic surgeon to lift up her "sagging" cheeks and "blurred" jawline in a £5,000 "invisible" procedure.

Back in May 2019, Katie flew to Turkey to get her second face lift, after admitting she found her body "disgusting".

In August 2019 she went back for another face lift.


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