Katie Price says Harvey still ‘headbutts the walls’ and smashed SIX TVs during lockdown

KATIE Price has revealed son Harvey headbutts walls and has smashed six televisions during lockdown.

The 42-year-old's eldest child has Prader-Willi Syndrome and spends his time in residential care.

However, during lockdown Harvey returned home to Katie, and she has opened up about his prone to bouts of extreme anger.

Speaking to the the Mirror, she said: "If you could see my house, people must think there are some real fights that go on in here – it's not – it's where Harvey headbutts the walls when there's an advert on YouTube and it p****s him off, someone bangs a drawer or sneezes or he hasn't got enough food on his plate, he will kick off.

"I mean, the amount of tellies I've gone through, they're all outside, there's about six of them, and I've only been here since March.

"I've never shown this side where he kicks off, what it’s really like."

Katie home-schooled Harvey during lockdown and admitted it gave her even more respect for teachers.

She described the time at home as "not easy" but said they made it work.

Last year Katie appeared on This Morning to explain why she needed to put Harvey into residential care.

She told hosts Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford: "He is now six foot two, 24 stone and he's still growing and he kicks off.

"I love him so much, he's my absolute life, but he's just hard work now.

"At his school they do boarding there. It's taken me ages to be convinced it is the best place.

"At least when he's at school, he can do Monday to Friday after school club, I can still go up there and tuck him into bed and have dinner with him.

"[It's] only Monday to Friday. Every weekend and holidays I will have him."

Katie also revealed the extent of her struggles on Victoria Derbyshire's BBC Two show.

She said she couldn't cope with her son's mood swings, describing him as "like a nightmare newborn" at night.

The former glamour model said: "Now, because I said about the residential people are saying I am out of order.

"But with Harvey he wouldn’t go to school because I said I had to go to work.

"He actually thinks I’m at the shop getting a carbonara. He hasn’t gone to school because he kicked off.

"At night time, he's like a nightmare newborn. I don't get sleep."

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