Katie Price slams mum-shamers for ‘hurting her’ with criticism of her parenting

Katie Price has opened up about how hurtful she finds it when she is publicly criticised for the way she brings up her five children.

The former model and TV personality regularly documents her life in video – and that of her brood – on social media and through documentaries leaving her open to comments from both the public and the media.

Among the criticism that she has faced is that she lets her daughter Princess, 13, wear wigs and makeup, the fact she uses filters on pictures of her kids and that she basically “shares too much with her fans”.

But despite Katie’s larger than life personality and “thick skin” she admitted the slurs hurt.

Speaking on Steph’s Packed Lunch today, she said: “People feel they can say what they want.

“I call them the parent police. I am definitely no Mary Poppins and a lot of people do look up to me as a role model, but I do make mistakes.

"I find criticism of my parenting skills upsetting."

Katie, who hopes to have a sixth child with lover Carl Woods this year, also said that she would never “force” her children into the limelight and if they don’t want to be on camera, she would “100 per cent” never make them.

The 43-year-old also stated that both Princess and Junior, 15, her children with Peter Andre, have “big personalities” and are both “switched on” since they grew up in the limelight.

Both teens are also very popular, she said, so can stand up for themselves if their peers take the mick out of their famous mum.

Katie is also mum to Harvey, 19, Jet, seven, and Bunny, six. Harvey’s dad is footballer Dwight York and the youngest two’s dad is Kieran Hayler.

She continued: “Nobody’s perfect and everybody makes mistakes. I’m sick to death of trying to justify everything about my life.

“I’m a career mum and that is hard…and when I get criticised it's hard."

Katie has been open about wanting another child with her partner Carl, 31. She is currently undergoing IVF treatment and despite being slammed for her parenting style, she said that Carl thinks she is a “fantastic mum”.

But in true Pricey style, she wants to have a bit of last-minute surgery, too. She is determined to lose weight before she gets pregnant so will go under the knife to achieve it quickly.

Katie added: “I am what I am and we all bring our kids up differently and I’m happy with how I’ve done it.”

As well as discussing parenting in the public eye. Katie also touched on the issue of breastfeeding and revealed she bottle-fed all her children as it gave them more chance to bond with their dads, too.

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