Keir Starmer squirms as inconsistency in Labour party exposed Independent decision!

Piers Morgan grills Keir Starmer on experimenting with drugs

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Sir Keir Starmer has said that decriminalising drugs users is “probably the right thing to do” after being grilled by Tom Sheldrick on his attitude towards drugs laws. It came after the SNP, in a significant policy shift announced that individuals caught in possession of class A drugs in Scotland could be issued with a police warning rather than facing prosecution.

Speaking on ITVBorderRB news, Tom Sheldrick asked the leader of Labour party: “Scottish Labour spokesperson has welcomed this- you’ve previously opposed relaxing drug laws.

“Is there an inconsistency in your party on that?”

Keir Starmer said: “There is a world of difference between a decision not to prosecute a particular case and ripping off…

Mr Sheldrick interjected: “This isn’t about a particular case. This is about drugs policy in Scotland.”

“There is a world of difference between prosecuting cases..”

Mr Sheldrick interjected again: “Decriminalising to a certain extent.”

Mr Starmer continued: “It is not unusual in any legal system for those caught with small amounts of cannabis not to be prosecuted.

And I don’t think many people would argue that that discretion isn’t sensible.”

“The very same in Scotland. There is a world of difference between that exercise and saying do you think the drug law should be scrapped ‘, which my answer is no.”

Mr Sheldrick  pressed on: “But briefly, do you welcome what is happening in Scotland?”

Mr Starmer answered: “It is probably the right thing to do.

“It’s an independent decision that’s been made.”

Sir Keir Starmer backed Scotland’s controversial move to go soft on drugs possession.

The Labour leader said it was probably the right thing to do” after being asked whether he agreed with drug users being let off with a police warning.

Scotland decriminalised drugs on Wednesday as the Scottish Independent Part announced police would be advised to issue only a recorded police warning to anyone in possession of drugs.

This includes Class A heroin and cocaine. 
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