Lily Slater shocks with brutal outburst at grieving Whitney in EastEnders

Lily Slater (Lillia Turner) was feeling frustrated in Thursday’s (March 16) instalment of EastEnders as Whitney Dean (Shona McGarty) began to smother her with points about looking after her baby during her pregnancy.

We first discovered Lily was pregnant way back at the start of the year which shocked the entire Slater family, given that she’s only 12-years-old. After the father of Lily’s baby was revealed (Jack’s son, Ricky), she made the decision to continue her pregnancy journey.

At the same time this storyline was developing, Whitney also discovered she was pregnant after a one-night stand with Zack (James Farrar).

Sadly, their baby was diagnosed with Edwards’ Syndrome, which led to the parents making the heart-breaking decision to terminate the pregnancy, aware their baby’s lifespan would’ve been impacted.

In the aftermath, Whitney and Zack have struggled to support each other.

In yesterday’s instalment of the BBC One soap, Whitney wasn’t ready to pick up baby Peach’s ashes, and distracted herself by looking after Lily, who had been accidentally hit in the stomach while Tommy (Sonny Kendall) and Freddie (Bobby Brazier) were fighting.

This left Zack with the difficult task of picking up Peach’s ashes on his own and after, he sat in the Square Garden, wondering what to do next.

Found by Stacey (Lacey Turner), she suggested talking to Whitney, unaware she was at her house helping Lily.

Rushing home, Stacey was concerned when Whitney started telling her that Lily was just acting like a normal teenager, failing to acknowledge that having a baby is going to change her entire life forever.

Lily and Stacey were aware of what was ahead, of course, but the teenager’s anger grew when Whitney started overreacting, which prompted her to say: ‘Just because your baby died, doesn’t mean mine will!’.

After rushing out of the Slater household, a devastated Whitney found Zack that evening and had another emotional conversation with him, which eventually ended in them agreeing not to see each other for a while.

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